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    High-end digital signage software. With state-of-the-art digital signage solutions to collect, connect, and distribute your data, PADS4 empowers your message. Link with existing workflows, distribute to your network, and make your digital signage system truly smart.


    PADS4 is a complete digital signage software solution, featuring everything you need to design, develop, display, and manage content on your screens. Our data-driven approach gives you the tools to use existing resources, manage screens across your organization, and stay in complete control of your entire signage network. Whether you’re using displays for advertisement or for interactive wayfinding and product information, PADS4 takes you further.

    Empower your digital signage with PADS4.


    PADS4 has led the way for over 20 years. We’re active in more than 75 countries, powering 500,000+ displays worldwide. Our smallest installation: 1 screen. Our largest: 16,000.

    Read more about PADS4 in our PADS4 magazine. In this magazine we also highlight a selection of our cases and share our vision on the dynamic world of digital signage.

    PADS4 In Action

    Visit our knowledge base to see some of our projects. We work with digital signage companies across the globe to develop everything from simple networks to groundbreaking display solutions. With features including Viewer Variables, smart data-integration, remote screen management, interactivity and more, PADS4 does it all.

    Click to see digital signage solutions made possible by PADS4.

    /Posted by: Marleen van Dam
    New case study available on Toulouse Blagnac Airport, the first airport using PADS4 Crystal CMS France's fifth airport (ATB) is the first airport using PADS4 Crystal CMS for its digital signage solutions. With support of...
    /Posted by: Peter den Burger
      Bentleys Bar, Inn & Restaurant In 2013, Bentley's Bar, Inn & Restaurant in Stratford, Ontario underwent renovations. Till then, all tourists and locals would find the Daily Specials on chalk boards mounted around the restaurant...
    /Posted by: starlord
    Corporate TV to increase staff involvement. BAT Russia wanted to turn the existing broadcasting system of the company into a modern Digital Signage solution for broadcasting actual content to increase awareness and involvement of...

    Who Are We?

    PADS4 is developed by NDS, one of the first digital signage companies offering data-driven software solutions. Our signage software has been about smart display from day one, and that remains true with our latest features, including support for System on Chip, omni-channel screens, and touch-screen interaction.


    PADS4 product of


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