Our service level agreement for the best support, you are not alone !

Benefits of SLA

Improved Support Quality

Our SLA system enables us to allocate dedicated resources and expertise to address your support inquiries and technical issues promptly. This translates to faster response times and quicker issue resolution, enhancing your overall experience with PADS4.

Predictable Service Levels

Structured SLAs ensure clear expectations regarding the level of support and services you can expect from us. This transparency ensures consistent, reliable support tailored to your specific needs.

Priority Access to Updates and Features

SLA subscribers will receive priority access to software updates, patches, and new features, ensuring timely access to the latest advancements in PADS4. We’ll also provide support to facilitate the efficient implementation of these updates.

Dedicated Support Team Access

Under the SLA system, you’ll have guaranteed access to a member of our support team whenever assistance is needed. Priority will be given based on your chosen SLA level, ensuring swift and effective resolution of critical issues.

PADS4 Service Level Tiers

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Ticketing support
Telephonic support
Curative maintenance
Remote support
Preventative maintenance
On site support costing Full price Full price Discounted rate Discounted rate further
Support portal access
Software Updates

PADS4 SLA Process

Telephonic support

If included in your chosen Service Level Tier, NDS provides support telephonically during 08:30 – 17:00 CET time, Monday until Friday with the exception for national holidays.

Support Engineers will provide telephonic support once the following information has been provided and confirmed:

  • Name and Company of which the contact is calling
  • PADS4 License key associated with the request
  • Confirmation of Valid SLA in place

The Support Engineers will then guide you through the process related to the reason for the telephonic support request.

In all cases, the support request will be transferred to a ticket within the Support portal for tracking and quality purposes.

pads4 sla support ticketing 2

Support Portal & Ticketing

If included in your chosen Service Level Tier, NDS will provide access to the PADS4 Support Portal for access to the following:

  • PADS4 Software Downloads
  • PADS4 Release Notes
  • PADS4 Manuals
  • PADS4 Guides and How to articles
  • Knowledge Base articles

Additionally, access to the web based ticketing system will be granted. To submit a request with the NDS support department using the support portal, please follow the below instructions:

Curative Maintenance

At NDS, ensuring the reliability of the PADS4 Software is our top priority. We take full responsibility for maintaining it in optimal condition. Should any anomalies occur, we’re committed to promptly resolving them and ensuring that the software continues to function smoothly.

In cases where critical issues arise, resulting in a service level below the normal standard, we’ll go the extra mile by providing workaround solutions within a specified timeframe. These temporary fixes will allow you to circumvent the problem and restore normal operations in a shorter period than the time required for a permanent resolution.

It is important to note that NDS will be excused from our obligations if we can demonstrate that the anomalies are not caused by flaws in the software’s design or construction, or by actions on the part of the customer.

Anomalies are classified by severity levels:

Critical anomalies:

Critical anomalies are anomalies that individually or cumulatively have repercussions on the compliance, quality of service, availability or performance of the Software leading to rendering all or part of the functionalities of the Software inoperative. Any anomaly affecting the performance of the Software will be considered a critical anomaly.

Major anomalies:

Major anomalies are anomalies that individually or cumulatively, although having repercussions on the compliance, quality of service, availability or performance of the Software, represent a significant hindrance, established on the basis of quantitative data, in the use of all or part of the functionalities of the Software.

Minor anomalies:

Minor anomalies are anomalies in the operation of the Software, other than critical or major, with no impact on its use and which may be the subject of requests for improvement of the Software.

preventive maintenance pads4 service level agreement
pads4 sla support ticketing

Preventive Maintenance

NDS monitors the software and installation during major updates, changes, and migrations and provides proactive support and intervention. In addition, it is required that the intervention does not disrupt the proper functioning, availability, and performance of the PADS4 Software in normal service in accordance with its documentation.

All Software Upgrades are maintained for at least twelve months (12) months from the release date of the next Version Upgrade.

In the event of withdrawal of the Software, NDS will notify Customer at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of the current maintenance period.

Bug Solving

When a support request uncovers a bug, the client will be promptly notified along with a bug number for reference. Bugs are confirmed when replicated in NDS’s test environment, and clients will be asked to provide relevant data and presentations for testing.

Bug resolutions occur in the latest software version, with no adjustments made to older versions. Clients must have a valid SLA or guarantee period to access updated software resolving the issue. Bug priority is determined based on workaround availability, with critical bugs assessed by the NDS Product Owner.

Customers without a valid SLA are handled similarly but may need to update their SLA for access to the fixed software release. Bug tickets are put on hold in the support portal until a new release is available, at which point clients are notified of the fix.

solving bug sla


NDS will provide assistance with the PADS4 Software only.

Although NDS will not provide direct support on hardware platforms and environments, the support team will provide feedback as to what could be the possible problem or situation which is causing the issue as stated in the request for support.

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