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Corporate TV to increase staff involvement. BAT Russia wanted to turn the existing broadcasting system of the company into a modern Digital Signage solution for broadcasting actual content to increase awareness and involvement of its staff. At BAT they were looking for a solution that could create a full-fledged corporate TV channel with the possibility to broadcast across multiple offices of the company.

PADS4 digital signage software

The PADS4 digital signage software was fully compliant with the requirements: it supported most existing video formats, ensured the reproduction of content and the possibility to update screens remotely. It also enabled to create a system with high scalability and the lowest possible network load by not entirely redistributing updated content but only changes.

An important factor in choosing PADS4 was the easy integration with the existing equipment and network. One of the conditions of the project was the requirement to use only corporate PCs as a player device. Similar software from other manufacturers required major adaptions to meet this condition.

Social media

The built-in features of PADS4 made it possible to involve employees in the creation of content. Thanks to the product features for social networks support a competition for the company’s best office photo was implemented. Employees could send their photos via Instagram. The picture with a hashtag was automatically transferred and displayed on the screens after approval of the user-moderator.

Next to the installations in Russia BAT has already been using the PADS4 digital signage software for many years as solution for corporate communication in the Netherlands, France and South Africa. All these digital signage solutions have been provided by local partners of NDS.

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