You are not alone!


Consulting and definition

In partnership with design offices specializing in new digital technologies, PADS4 and its partners will be able to support you in a project approach, define and qualify needs, synthesize your expression of needs, while being a force for advice.


Installation support

PADS4 certifies its partners to bring you the best support and knowledge base for software and hardware installations. In addition, PADS4 guarantees its certified partners permanent support for an obligation of results and user satisfaction.



PADS4 offers technical maintenance and access to regular solution updates.

PADS4 and its partners guarantee you national and international support through a hotline, secure remote access, the provision of replacement equipment and on-site interventions within guaranteed deadlines within the framework of a maintenance contract.


Updates and upgrades

PADS4 guarantees a permanent evolution of its software solutions both for perfect compatibility with hardware and software environments, but also to improve and innovate through new features. PADS4 provides update and upgrade for any user up to date with their maintenance contracts.


Design Studio

Through its Design studio, PADS4 offers its partners and users who so wish, to design on demand templates, graphic creations, dynamic display storyboards in the context of internal or external communication. PADS4 can accompany you in the graphic reflection and the structuring of a dynamic display within your establishments.

Also present in the interactive presentations, we will be able to analyze your needs and propose personalized solutions.

And for those who wish, we can also set up a global graphic management solution for your screens.



The training department offers you modular sessions on site, adapted to your needs thanks to a personalization of the program according to your objectives and user profiles.