Collect and display event details in a dynamic hospitality environment

MCEC was in need of a flexible solution for instant display of event updates. Since 2009 MCEC has powered their in-house Digital Signage System with PADS4 to serve their customers. With events changing on a daily basis and having different exhibitions coincide in the same building on the same day MCEC needed a dynamic and flexible solution to facilitate a quick response time and minimal administration to update their customer’s event details even minutes before an event commences. Introducing social media support into the Digital Signage System provided an ideal solution to their customer’s challenge of integrating a social media presence into their events.

PADS4 powers responsive, fully automated digital signage system

The MCEC Digital Signage System was re-designed and deployed almost entirely in-house to be versatile, responsive and efficient in its delivery.

The key reason for selecting the PADS4 software has been that the majority of content displayed by the system needed to be delivered fully automated by multiple data feeds. The data is received on a real-time basis from internal information systems as well as external data sources.

“The automated data feeds created with the PADS4 software have provided significant improvements in terms of efficiency and consistency of our Digital Signage System” – Michael Walsh, Director of Technology Operations at MCEC

In addition to controlling data feeds event specific Twitter feeds can be managed from a tablet and displayed on multiple screens throughout the venue.

PADS4 to collect multiple data feeds and deliver efficient event communication

The results of the new Digital Signage System have been significant, providing a state-of-the-art, flexible signage solution for customers. The new system is highly reliable and resilient and provides multiple levels of redundancy, which is crucial in a customer facing and time sensitive environment.

The customer feedback from tablet controlled signage and Twitter feeds have both been very positive, mentioning that it is very simple to use and much easier than utilizing MCEC employees at short notice.


Melbourne Exhibition Convention Center has won the following awards for their digital signage solution:

  • Digital Screen Association Industry Excellence Award: Best Government
  • Deployment – Digital Signage
    INCON Digital Infrastructure Award

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