Outdoor digital signage

Welcome your visitors with outdoor totems to promote upcoming events or LED banners with practical information on waiting times or ticketing.


Entrance to the building

Impress your audience with a display wall to present the next shows and display signage to direct the visitor to the right service.

Visitor Management

You have an appointment or want to speak to an adviser, identify yourself on the terminal equipped with PADS4 Visitor Management, confirm your arrival, print your badge or let yourself be guided to the right service or counter available…


Wayfinding kiosk

Thanks to interactive orientation terminals or signage screens with automatic arrows, whether you are looking for a service, a person, or a space, PADS4 will be able to guide you to your destination.

Event room

In front of each room, inform your visitors of current events with an automatic update linked to your booking tools. Combine useful information with communication or promotion.


Queue management system

Combine your digital signage with waiting time information for an upcoming attraction or queuing info display in a service with ticket management.

Ticketing infos display

Display real-time information from the ticketing on the number of places available for the next shows with automatic countdown, combine this data with videos or other communications.



Take advantage of the departure of your visitors to thank them for coming and inform them of upcoming events.