With PADS4 create your interactive map and let yourself be guided. Whether you are looking for a store, a person or a workspace in a company, a service in a public place or your gate in an airport, PADS4 Wayfinding will be able to adapt and personalize the response to each situation.

Moreover, Combine your orientation map, your reservation system or any other practical information with advertising messages.

Benefits of PADS4 Visitor Wayfinding

PADS4 Wayfinding Xperience


Search by theme or brand for your favorite store and let yourself be guided!

Corporate building

You are looking for a workspace adapted to your mission, a person in a building, PADS4 brings you the best answer and directs you in the right direction, moreover you can reserve your space directly if the terminal authorizes it.


Finding your way to a service, a patient or for an appointment, PADS4 will make it easier for you to move around the building when your thoughts are often elsewhere


Students or teachers, quickly find the room for your class with a real-time update of last minute changes.
Find and reserve an available place to study.


Visitors or exhibitors, search for your stand, a brand or create a list by area of interest

Combine search with contextual promotional offers


Arrivals, departures, boarding gate, VIP area, facilities…PADS4 will help you find the right direction with information on flights and journey times.

With interactions, get recognized and receive your personalized journey.
Find and book a hotel when you arrive.

Leisure park

Orientation map, guidance, waiting time per attraction, a sample of the information that PADS4 offers you to fully enjoy your festive day!