PADS4 Workspace optimizes available workspaces in the office with intelligent management of desks, equipment, meeting rooms, shared spaces, and more. With the ability to book and schedule any space, employees and guests have more control over when and how they work.

With PADS4 Workspace improve the user experience
in the work environment and increase the productivity of employees and visitors.

pads4 workspace

Benefits of PADS4 Workspace

PADS4 Workspace Xperience

Meeting room

Always stay in control of your meeting and conference facilities and save time and money while making the most of them. Keep booking, wayfinding, signage and in-room communication up-to-date and relevant for everyone that uses it. With integrations for various booking tools and data sources, all your displays remain up-to-date and relevant.

pads4 workspace xperience meeting room management

Outlook & Gmail

Synchronize your Outlook/Gmail resources with PADS4 Workspace to always get accurate information on both interface. Upload our Oultook add’in directly to your Outlook interface to enrich the user experience. Add additional information related to each space, to optimize your workspace environment.

pads4 workspace xperience outlook gmail synchronization

Hot Desk management

As a facility manager you need insights in occupancy rates and peaks. In the digital transformation, we can go let of the traditional setting where everyone has their own desk. Shared desks offer your employees a desk when needed and it makes efficient use of the space you have.

Cost efficiency is not the only advantage – your employee engagement increases, their productivity grows and collaborations between teams get a boost.

A different environment each time prevents workers from falling into routines, which stimulates their creativity along the way. With desk management you will have all the insights in the usage of your workspace.

pads4 workspace xperience hot desk management

Web & smartphone

Avoid wasting time looking for a space by using our web application to search, book and follow-up the right space in the right location. Remotely search for any space you might be allowed to reserve and add smart filtering to get the one that respect your requirements. Use our 3D mapping view to have real time view on available space in your workspace. You can also download our smartphone application directly from play store or apple store.

pads4 workspace xperience web smartphone application

Occupancy sensors
& connected signage

Combine occupancy sensors and PADS4 workspace to get automatical bookings and cover 100% of your workspace environment. Design a smart workflow to get automatically occupancy information through sensors and synchronize it within the complete solution, including Outlook/Gmail. Design smart workflow, based on automation, such as automatical check-in. PADS4 is open for integration with several IoT communication protocols such as Sigfox, KNX, LoRA etc…

pads4 workspace xperience occupancy sensors connectected signage

Office mapping
& real time booking

Our graphic designers can propose you some tailormade 2D / 3D mapping design of your office for a real time view of your workspace environment. Use the mapping view on your laptop within our web application, through your mobile phone within our smartphone application or directly on a kiosk within your workspace environment.

pads4 workspace xperience office mapping real time booking

Analytics reports

Generate reports & statistics using all data and information you get from PADS4 workspace that might help the facility manager to optimize his office spaces. It does offer a wide rande of information, respecting local laws on privacy and private information. Data is everything today and data is our DNA since 25 years. Share information with other modules or third part technologies.

pads4 workspace xperience analytics reports