Visitor Management

Visitor Management

With PADS4 Visitor Management, you empower your staff with a simple & versatile software solution for pre-registration, monitoring and safeguarding your company.

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Benefits of PADS4 Visitor Management

PADS4 Visitor Management is a stand-alone module to enhance the reception workflow of your guest
and to convert manual actions into digital workflow.

PADS4 Visitor Management Xperience


The visitor will get a mail and will be go directly to reception (no kiosk). Then the reception staff will manually do check-in and print the badge from the back office.


The visitor will get a mail with Pin and Qr code and go to the reception kiosk and check-in. then they will go to the reception desk where they will print the badge.

Full digital

The visitor will get a mail with Pin and Qr code and go to reception kiosk and check-in. There a badge is automatically printed without any action required from the reception staff.

Visitors can check-in/check-out , manage access control…

Pre-register your visitors and greet them with a hearty message as they check-in with their QR code or PIN code.
Have your visitors check-in and print bdges with option of control access.
use PADS4 Workspace & Digital Signage to guide them to the correct meeting rooms or areas.
Check-out your visitors and see the exact details of their visit in your archive. You can welcome them back anytime soon!

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Kiosk interaction

One of the biggest advantages of self-service kiosks is the ability to let people check-in themselves. Visitors can check themselves in, without the input of the receptionist or host.
The kiosk can include a camera instead scanner for reading instead scanning visitors QR Codes and might also include a printer. The next step after kiosk check-in would be to print a badge and let the visitor access the building.
Using a kiosk in combination with our visitor management module will enhance the visitor experience and improve efficiency in your lobby wotkflow, by removing manual and repetitive actions from the lobby agent.

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Simple dashboard user-interface for hostess

With a functional dashboard, you can add new visitors and directly assign them to their hosts, buildings, meeting rooms and different timeslots directly from the online portal. In cooperation, the module allows for the creation of a check-in kiosk tailored to your company (which works on Android / iOS and other browser-based tablets). Available in multi language.

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Pre-registration link to your invitation through outlook or PADS4 workspace

PADS4 Visitor Management is an extended module that works seamlessly with your other PADS4 modules (Workspace & Digital Signage). Sync your staff using Azure Active Directory, ADFS or Okta & sync your meeting rooms with Microsoft Exchange 365 or Google Calendar, for a full-scale integrated smart office environment.

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Meeting rooms are found efficiently

Integrating PADS4 Visitor Management with PADS4 Platform allows you to empower your screens around the office with important wayfinding information, internal & external office communication and meeting room booking capability. No need for third-party software, just use the PADS4 platform.

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Provides a clear visitor management policy

You can automatically add terms & conditions for your visitors to read and accept important information such as health & safety notices, non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies. These can be displayed as PDF files to browse through, or instructional or informational videos. PADS4 Visitor management is GDRP compliant with auto-archive.

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