Outdoor display

Use the external wall of your buildings with large LED screens and PADS4 to promote the brands of your stores, announce upcoming events, highlight your service offers, etc.



As soon as they arrive in the car park, motivate your visitor with current promotions and influence their journey within your mall, without forgetting to encourage them to come back by informing them of upcoming events at the exit terminals.

Shop windows display

Attract your future customers with the latest promotions and invite them to enter your shops with high-brightness display screens controlled by PADS4.

shop window


If you are looking for a shop, a brand, or simply a category, let yourself be guided using a 3D map on an interactive terminal equipped with the PADS4 solution. Combine search with targeted ads.

Display wall

Dare to be excessive and impress your visitors with a show of screens of all sizes, unstructured, with external interactions, both advertising and event video support…


Front display

Inside your stores, plan a network of screens at the top of the gondola and plan promotional campaigns financed by your suppliers.

Belt line screens

Do not let your customers leave without having informed them of the promotions of the next few days by displaying them on screens at the checkout level.

belt line

Interaction screen content/product

Thanks to its conditional display functions, its interfaces with different types of sensors, create an interaction between the action of the visitor, the product, and the content of the screens.

Corporate communication

In the premises reserved for your employees, keep them informed of the group’s news and develop an entrepreneurial spirit with all your colleagues all over the world.