Arrival at the airport

Whether travellers at your airport by car, bus, public transportation or taxi, with PADS4 you can provide terminal directions and parking lot locations.

arrival terminal

Arrival at the terminal

Show actual flight information when entering the terminal and direct passengers to their check-in destination with advertising or safety messages.

Check-in counter

Show the airline logos above the check-in counters to help passengers quickly find their airline. Display flight updates and general information in the check-in area to keep your travellers informed.


Wayfinding and orientation

Create wayfinding to optimize passenger flowthrough your airport. With real-time updates, you can define optimal routes, use arrows to guide travellers to their destination or to the nearest exit in case of an emergency, and redirect trac around congestion or broken escalators.

Borders and security

Show illustrations and animations near the security line to remind people to empty their pockets and provide other instructions. Prevent communication barriers with visual content and speed up the screening process. Display real-time queue info for an optimized passenger flow.


Duty free and retail

Show real- time flight information while passengers are relaxing, but also infotainment and advertising slots. Drive sales with smart responsive digital menu boards in your food and beverage area. Create and manage digital ads across to drive trac to the duty free shops and generate revenue with third-party ads.

Boarding gate

When passengers finally reach their gate, real- time and up-to-date information will help them to be on time. Combine other messaging in the waiting areas such as public announcements, news, advertising, practical and tourist information about your destination…


Baggage belt

Make sure passengers will move to the baggage claim area as smooth as possible. Display clear overviews of flight numbers, airline, and flight origin to guide them to the correct baggage belt. Again, you can show advertisement while passengers are waiting.

Arrival at destination

You are looking for a hotel, a restaurant, a particular place, connect to our interactive information and wayfinding terminals on your arrival.