About us

Powerful signage solutions

PADS4, developed by NDS, is the most complete digital signage solution. We offer everything you could possibly need to design, develop, display, and manage your content on your screens.

Pioneers in digital signage solutions

The digital signage market is growing at an exponential rate as signage expands into nearly every industry. As technology advances, functionality becomes more important than screens. The software behind digital signage is where real communication happens. Our product, PADS4, is a staple in the digital signage software space and it is the most comprehensive solution on the market, turning data into dynamic display communication.

At NDS (formerly Net Display Systems) we developed our first digital signage solution in 1994, at the cusp of the digital revolution. Today, we’ve continued to ride the wave of modern technology to provide intelligent solutions in our high-end digital signage software. PADS4 is one of the leading digital signage software platforms, with flexible and scalable solutions for every industry.

Numbers don't lie

PADS4 digital signage software powers 500,000 + screens in more than 75 countries, with the scalability to take on any new project, no matter the size.