Our history

At NDS. We developed our first digital signage solution for airports in 1994, at the dawn of the digital revolution. Our focus on data-driven solutions has set us apart. We’ve been true to this since day one, and we can truly say that data integration is in our DNA.

In 2004, NDS revolutionized the digital market with the launch of PADS4. As the market evolved and aver time, we were able to take advantage of our expertise to apply it to digital signage for businesses, retail, industry and many other sectors.

Nowadays, we offer smart digital building solutions. With PADS4 we enable our customers to create a data-driven user experience platform. Our platform consists of several modules; digital signage, workspace, visitor management, wayfinding…

Whether using one individual module or combining all of them PADS4 helps to get the most out of a building, Our modules improve efficiency and well-being of building users, and much more.

As we have our roots in the airport industry, we also offer PADS4 FIDS, a smart airport signage solution. PADS4 FIDS improves the passenger flow at your airport with automated flight and passenger information.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the flow in smart digital buildings and make User Experience a top priority.
The smart digital building market is growing at an exponential rate as organizations in nearly every industry become smarter.

The PADS4 platform turns data into dynamic and digital solutions that match the needs of the building’s users.

Our values, our spirit


NDS has chosen to bet on quality and innovation
to develop, favoring respect for competition and
ethics defining the good rules of conduct for our

The sharing

NDS bases its development on exchange and
sharing, with its employees in all departments,
but also with its users, which brinqs real
knowledge of the market and instills a real source
of inspiration.


NDS bases its entrepreneurial strategy on trust in
its employees and partners with the aim of
creating a solid and motivated team to deliver the
best to its users.

Sustainable development

Our approach to sustainable development is
based on the harmonization of economic and
environmental logics with the constant concern
to demonstrate social and responsible ethics
towards present and future generations. 

Quality requirement

Since 1994, NDS has always favored quality while
guaranteeing results. Our employees benefit from
continuous training based on real situations. 

Customer satisfaction

We believe that a satisfied customer is a
customer with whom we will build a lasting
relationship. This is why we establish a solid
useful and beneficial customer service that
allows us to establish a relationship of trust.