Students, employees and visitors always at the right location at King William I college

Growth and expansion required dynamic wayfinding. Over the years the number of students and staff, courses and classrooms has increased enormously. It became a huge and time consuming challenge for King William I College to direct those thousands of students, personnel and visitors at the right moment to the right location with traditional static signs. Nevertheless, making sure students and staff would get to the correct classrooms on time, without getting lost on the campus sites was of utmost importance. So they were looking to replace their outdated wayfinding signage with a contemporary solution that would guide everybody on the premises as fast and effective possible to their destination.

Total display communication for education

After profound research the college institution found out that digital signage would offer the solution they were looking for. They selected BIS, Dutch digital signage specialist, to deploy this great assignment. The software that drives this entire system is PADS4 digital signage software.

With PADS4, the department of Communication can easily manage the content on the displays for the multiple locations, college rooms and lecture halls. The corresponding dynamic wayfinding details, such as direction signs and symbols are also managed by the same solution.

The digital screens not only provide navigation information. They show all sorts of other useful information, beneficial to students and staff. BIS has created a multifunctional and dynamic digital information system, that also includes college announcements, local weather updates, traffic info and public transportation passenger information.

Guide and update thousands of students with PADS4

With PADS4 digital signage software King William I College has a smart dynamic wayfinding solution that has more than exceeded their expectations. It’s fully automated, user-friendly and the people responsible for managing the system have remote access to all displays campus wide.

“With PADS4 digital signage software we have a dynamic wayfinding solution that is fully automated, user-friendly and can be managed from one location.” – King William 1 College

Because PADS4 is very flexible, it’s easy to act immediately in case of ad-hoc changes. Adding new locations to navigate to, is done effortlessly. Although providing dynamic wayfinding on the college premises was key, BIS has delivered a system that can drive any type of digital communication.

Every day thousands of students, staff and visitors now find their destination on the King William I College premises with the greatest of ease. Also, they simultaneously get the latest updates about the college, weather, traffic and public transportation, presented in an appealing design.

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