No more chalk boards and improved customer service

In 2013, Bentley’s Bar, Inn & Restaurant in Stratford, Ontario underwent renovations. Till then, all tourists and locals would find the Daily Specials on chalk boards mounted around the restaurant that had to be updated daily and fixed Martini and Beer Boards at the Bar. The newly renovated Restaurant included PADS4 and 20 screens mounted throughout, creating an atmosphere that breathes digital technology with an element of conversation starters. With their new platform, customers are now able to read the Daily Specials (updated in real time), enjoy Bentley’s Tube (video content), view savoury menu items, become aware of local community events and more.

Bentley’s saves 182 hours of labor costs a year with dynamic content

Melissa Schenk, Marketing/Media Consultant at Bentley’s Bar Inn Restaurant says: “Updating our menus is now an easy process and less costly in the long run. For example, we used to have wait staff come in 30 minutes ahead of time to write in chalk the daily specials on all of the black boards. This is no longer needed, eliminating 30 min. per day of labour (we are open 364 days of the year).”

With PADS4 they have the ability to update Daily Specials in Real Time. This has resulted in less wait staff returning to tables having to deliver news that a special is SOLD OUT / or that the Special has changed to something else. These are only two examples of many that have resulted in cost and time savings, not to mention the overall customer experience. Melissa: ”We experience less customer complaints, and payouts or refunds. We are the Bar To Be At! and PADS4 has allowed us to adapt its system to meet our needs and STAND OUT! ”.

Custom-made applications with out-of-the-box digital signage software

The opportunity to develop custom-made applications with PADS4 combined with the knowledge within Bentley’s resulted in the following creative signage solutions:

  • Labour reduction of manually updating Daily Specials on chalk boards throughout the restaurant
  • Signage cost savings to update Martini/Beer Boards
  • Welcome Boards scheduled “PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED” / or “PLEASE SEAT YOURSELF” depending on day/time
  • Staff are easily updated and informed on Screen located in the kitchen
  • Customer are informed and inspired by content (Videos/Community Events/Menu Items)

“We eliminated over 30 min. per day times 364 days a year and improved the overall customer experience at the same time.” – Melissa Schenk, Marketing/ Media consultant at Bentley’s Bar Inn Restaurant

Inform and inspire clientele and staff

The interactive signage solutions at Bentley’s in Stratford, Ontario has been implemented by the digital signage experts of OOKIE Designs. It is an example for the hospitality industry on how to implement and utilize technology to their advantage. With centralized control of content, utilizing multiple designers, scheduler and sub-server, 50+ gigs of information displayed over 20 screens of various sizes, resolutions and orientation, 12 media players are the engine that drives PADS4 allowing content to be adapted to inform and inspire clientele.

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