During challenging times, it is important for employees to feel safe in your workplace. PADS4 lets your employees book one of the limited desks before coming to the oce.



Once a desk is booked, your employee gets to the oce. The welcome screen greets the employee and informs him about the weather and time of the day.

Welcome area

If the employee did not book a space from the comfort of his home, the kiosk in the welcome area enables him to easily choose a desk to work for the day.


Elevator area

The screen next to the elevator reminds guests and employees of meetings and where they can find specific meeting rooms, directing everyone where they need to go.

Coffee corner

Before starting the work day, it’s time to get a cup of coffee. A display updates the employee on the latest relevant corporate news. He’s ready to get to work.


Booked desk area

The reserved desk is free to use, of course with enough distance to colleagues. A sensor on the desks switches from green to red, visualizing the availability.

Corporate canteen

Lunch time comes around. The screen in the canteen shows the sandwich of the day, rotating between corporate news and entertaining updates.


Meeting Room

During the day, the employee receives an invitation for a meeting. The meeting room screen notifies meeting participants of all necessary details for the upcoming meeting.

Going home

Before starting his drive home, an information display gives an indication of trac jams and public transportation departure times, keeping everyone informed.