The customer.

Eindhoven Airport, the largest regional airport in the Netherlands, serves over 3.4 million passengers a year. After the latest expansion project the terminal has the capacity to handle up to 5 million passengers. It is expected that this will be enough to facilitate the increase of passengers until 2020.

To improve traveler communication Eindhoven Airport was looking for a dynamic and reliable solution. It needed to meet all complex flight display requirements such as code share flights and gate changes. Also, the solution had to be suitable for the mission critical type of application and provide an optimal traveler experience.

The scope

From a traveler’s perspective airport environments are always chaotic and hasty. Whether travelling for business or holiday, the first thing passengers are looking for is up-to-date flight information to guide them to the right check-in or gate and inform them about estimated flight times.

Next to the up-to-date flight information the airport audience also get to see the latest special offers from the Duty Free shops, car rental companies and information about airport services such as free Wi-Fi. While waiting to check in or to board their flight, a favorite passenger pastime is visiting one of the restaurant facilities. ln the restaurants all menu boards are driven by PADS4 to dynamically display the available menus, pricing and special offers. Next to the displays informing visitors and passengers, NDS has also provided a digital meeting room solution for the business center Facility on the second floor. A centrally positioned display informs attendees where and when there meeting will take place. ln 2013 Eindhoven Airport expanded with a new terminal to accommodate the increasingly growing number of passengers. For this new terminal the PADS4 software of NDS powered another 18 displays to serve the visitors in the expanded airport area.

The solution

ln 2005, with the opening of the first terminal, NDS provided the first phase of their Smart Airport Signage solution by offering FIDS (Flight Information Display System) and PADS4 digital signage software to display flight information at the arrival/departure area, check-in counters, security area, gate area and baggage belt area. With around 50 displays strategically placed in these areas, passengerscan quickly see where to check-in and if their flight will depart on-time. Delay or gate changes will become visible on those displays within seconds.

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The results

The goal was to offer a smart airport signage solution to display relevant travel information and improve the overall journey experience of travelers at Eindhoven Airport.
“NDS has delivered a robust and dynamic solution that fits the mission-critical environment we operate in daily” , says Eli Lejeune, Marketing Manager at Eindhoven Airport. “With an airport wide exposure in all crucial areas their Smart Airport Signage provides real-time flight information, making sure 3.4 million travelers a year are well informed, leading to an optimized passenger flow in the airport”, he continues.

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