Digital Menu Boards

Drive sales with smart, responsive digital signage boards to promote products based on weather, inventory, or wait and prep time.

Create Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

PADS4 is the data-driven approach to digital menu boards that will change how you create menus. Our software allows you to develop smart and dynamic menu boards, programmed to respond to real-time events like time of day. You will be able to create engagement and drive sales. Once setup, PADS4 automatically updates menus to reflect the weather or even product availability. Integrate sensors and data to update menus based on crowd, wait-times, or link menus to events or guests –promoting relevant offerings has never been easier.

Our software manages everything from the networks and displays to smart schedules to cycle through breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Save reproduction costs, with Viewer Variables so you can show content based on signage placement, without changing the presentation. And with PADS4, you can update your entire network of digital menu boards from a central location, so you can update pricing and menu items in minutes, add branding for events, and even completely change layouts – even for outdoor billboards.

Smarter Digital Menus

Cut wait and queue times with smarter menus for customers and simple-but-effective tools for content and display management.

Reduce Queues

Integrate data like queue management to update menu offerings based on wait-time and avoid queues during rush hours.

Stay Relevant

Keep menu options up-to-date, changing to reflect occupancy, location, weather, or other details.


Reduce demand on customer service with dynamic self-service kiosks and touch-screen menu options.

PADS4 Digital Menus

With one platform to design content, manage network and displays, and automate content management, PADS4 makes digital menu boards easy.

Link DataConnect 70+ databases to update menu content based on inventory or occupancy, sensors, or pre-allocated factors such as arrivals or time-of-day.
Viewer VariablesFilter data on presentations to update variables like time, location, or etc., so you cut reproduction costs.
TouchscreenShare interactive menus in restaurants, reception areas, & more, with dynamic menus that update as needed.
MultimediaCreate beautiful menus with templates, supporting multimedia like photo, text, video, and real time social media and IPTV.
Always-OnStay in CTRL with tools designed to ensure displays run smoothly, even when your network goes down.
Real-time UpdatesPush promotions, special-offers, and sales across menus with updates to reflect stock, changes in weather, or other factors.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 raises the bar on your digital menu boards. Our software allows you to create a dynamic menu board, that automatically changes its content to reflect the weather or time of day.

Smart Digital Menu Boards with PADS4

Static paper menu boards have been long gone and replaced with dynamic, digital menu boards. PADS4 allows you to respond to real-time situations, like the weather, time of day, or other factors. You are able to drve sales and optimize engagement, without any added costs. With PADS4 you can do all of this from one central location, promoting relevant offerings has never been easier.