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Special discount

You have not renewed your SMA for more than a year, we would be glad to see you back on-board and to be sure you will always be using the latest release of PADS4. On that purpose, we are offering special discounts until 31st December 2023 to get you back on board.

  1. Subscribe for 1 year and get 75% discount on PAST SMA & benefit on a rate of 13% for SMA instead of 15%
  2. Subscribe for 3 years and get 85% discount on PAST SMA & benefit on a rate of 30% for SMA instead of 36%
  3. Subscribe for 5 years and get 100% discount on PAST SMA & benefit on a rate of 45% for SMA instead of 56%

Additionally, get special offers on software upgrade support and a free audit for your installation.

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Why subscribing to SMA ?

Our SMA will give you access to every new PADS4 release to make sure that your installation remains up-to date with the latest innovation and compatibilities. This includes:

  • • The full catalog of PADS4 as a platform                   • New features & innovation for each module
  • • Additional hardware & 3rd party certification        • Latest firmware updates
  • • Bug fixes

By subscribing to our SMA, you will upgrade your version to the latest one and will continuously benefit from the future PADS4 releases. It will ensure more stability and security by using a solution that uses the latest evolutions in the market.

PADS4 Platform

Our software is evolving and has moved to a software plaform for enhancing the digital user experience in a smart digital building. Build a tailormade solution for the users through our different modules:

  • • Digital signage module
  • • Workspace module
  • • Visitor management module
  • • FIDS module
  • • Wayfinding, IoT and other coming in future release

A secure & robust platform to transform your building into an interoperable & data-driven environment. Get to know more about the advantages of PADS4 as a platform for smart building & smart cities. “

To get more information, you can contact our team and schedule a demo of the complete platform.

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