Deploying a digital signage solution capable of meeting all the internal communication needs of a group like SNCF is a real challenge!

The solution has to support cross-functional communications by subsidiary, by business line, by establishment, and by department. It also has to meet very specific needs for head offices or Technicentres. Plus, it has to natively be capable of retrieving information from all types of databases in the company and distribute it!

Well, the solution to all these requirements exists! It’s the PADS4 digital signage solution.

A powerful publishing CMS.

With its Crystal publishing module, PADS4 lets dozens of contributors publish information within a perfectly defined framework and scope.

Its ease of use and tree structure based on the company’s organization chart explain the strong support of the Group’s employees for the PADS4 solution.


A wide range of applications

From the display walls in the Transilien headquarters to the TGV maintenance management screens in the Technicentres or in-station timetable displays, the PADS4 solution unleashes all its power and potential across a population of several hundred screens.

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