PADS4 enabled Agromarket to grow in their industry

Agromarket originally started as a supplier of wholesale and retail shops with merchandise for agricultural production. Fast forward to thirty years later, they are a producer and one of the leading importers, representatives and distributors in the Balkan region. They wanted their marketing- and sales strategy to grow with their company, and digital signage helped to support that goal.

Coping with diverse cultures and their own methods

Agromarket has customers in the region of the West Balkans. Their previous advertising could not fulfill the need to deal with the multiple cultures and methods. Each region has its own method to protect their crop, whether it’s corn or wheat or anything else. For customers it had to be clear which system they could use on what method during which season. The company turned to Fifth Screen, a Serbian company offering smart digital signage solutions. That resulted in a data driven digital signage solution, powered by PADS4. They now have an efficient system that displays in real-time and in an interactive way what customers can use on their crops. It saves employees time, and most of all their customers can buy the products they really need.

Digital signage with live updates from multiple locations

With screens divided over the 73 locations, Fifth Screen had to overcome some challenges. All 73 locations are scattered over 5 different countries, and displayed content is often based on the country or region it is located in. With the Viewer Variables feature in our PADS4 software, they were able to solve this effortlessly. The Viewer Variables feature makes displaying slightly different content within one template as easy as can be, and all of this is possible from one location to manage all screens. The possibility to update all screens in 73 locations all at once, makes PADS4 a user-friendly digital signage solution.

With stores in multiple countries, a ‘one size fits all’ solution for their weather based advertising would not work. PADS4 uses real-time weather updates based on geolocation, so the displayed content is always up to date and relevant for each location. The live updates also add value to Agromarket’s customer service. When customers are looking for a suitable protection for their crops, Agromarket’s employees can advise them based on live weather conditions per location.

KPI’s to motivate the employees are also part of the data-driven solution. Employees can promote specific products and they know what is needed to reach specific sales targets. Creating a transparent organization can help employees feel more engaged, which will push them to go that extra mile.

Combining different types of screens in one network

PADS4 allows combinations of different types of screens and players. This is exactly what they did at Agromarket. Within their 73 screens, they have a mix of 23 inch Dell monitors that are vertically orientated and mini PC’s from several different manufacturers. The Dell monitors are located near the cash registers, where they can boost sales up until the point of transaction. The mini PC’s are a combination of NUC, Lenovo Tiny, and Intel Compute Stick. They form the perfect assistant for employees when they are advising customers. It gives them visuals to show to customers and access to the website, which is also their knowledge base, to find a suitable solution.

Agromarket has a unique concept

Within their demographical reach, Agromarket has the only data-driven digital signage network in the industry with PADS4. It gives them a unique look and makes them stand out to customers. Previous solutions did not manage to sustain the changes Agromarket wanted to see. PADS4’s digital signage software has been able to live up to the high expectations time and time again.

With our PADS4 digital signage software, Agromarket is able to support their vision of developing the agricultural sector for the long-run. Digital signage creates a transparent shopping experience, which pairs perfectly with the company’s slogan; ‘We are trustworthy’.

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