Dynamic digital menu boards draw customers inside

As one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant chains in Poland, Kebab King was looking for a solution to change their static menu boards with dynamic, attractive menus to draw more customers to their restaurants. With 39 locations spread across Poland, their new system needed to be easy to manage and flexible, with real-time changes being another requirement. Together with our partner VC System, PADS4 gave them the result they needed.

Outdated and traditional static posters

Like many restaurants around the world, Kebab King had static, poster menu boards with traditional backlights above their counter. These posters made it difficult to implements promotions or new menus, since each location had to make these changes happen separately. Not only are these activities labor intensive, they are also cost intensive, given that posters need to be changed instantly when menus or items on the menus change. Kebab King wanted their new solution to be more user-friendly, more attractive for potential customers, uncomplicated to change, manageable from a distance, and more cost-efficient.

Implementing attractive digital menu boards

VC System installed a digital signage system powered by PADS4 that lived up to all their expectations. The first part of their installation included menu boards above the counter. 49’’ and 55’’ screens from LG, Samsung, and iiYama create an eyecatcher for customers. Instead of static menu boards, they now have colorful and bright content that is impossible to miss. Besides the fact that the screens attract attention from customers, they are easily changed when for example there are seasonal products, promotional campaigns, or when items are out of stock.

The counters are not the only areas that improved with the implementation of PADS4. The windows in each restaurant got a huge upgrade. 32’’ Samsung displays now attract passerby with clear, bright and appealing content. Kebab King displays the current discounts and promotions, guiding as many people as possible inside. Many of their screens can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation, meaning endless configurations can be formed fitting the content on the screens.

From increasing sales to an improved brand image, what advantages did digital signage powered by PADS4 offer Kebab King?

  • Functionalities within PADS4 allow Kebab King to make attractive presentations accessible for everyone. With the Viewer Variables, a unique feature in PADS4, they design one presentation for all of their locations. Variables such as city of a specific location determine the content played at those screens.
  • PADS4 works with the built-in players on all used displays. Through integrations with Tizen, WebOS, and Android, external players are not needed.
  • With attractive displays in their windows, they draw more people who are walking by inside, which resulted in an increase in sale. The lay-out of screens also allows Kebab King to form many different configurations. They can create original content that stretches over multiple screens, effectively attracting more customers and tempting them to ordering more.
  • Changes in the menu are made easily. Whether it’s updating the menu with season-specific promotions, or removing out-of-stock items, their menu boards are always up to date.
  • Automations within the menu are also set up quickly. Meals of the day can be displayed, or promotions based on time of the day or season. Without any extra effort, the screens inform their customers.
  • All displays across the 39 different locations are managed at Kebab King’s headquarters, meaning new marketing messages are implemented instantly.
  • Kebab King’s brand image massively improved. The displays give them a modern look and feel, attracting more people.
  • Besides the rise in sales, PADS4 also gave them an opportunity to advertise for third-party products. Advertising related products on their screens forms another way of bringing in revenue.
  • With more and more restaurants added to their chain, Kebab King’s solution also needed to grow with them in the future. PADS4 is scalable, making it possible to effortlessly implement at more locations when needed.


Innovations lead to new opportunities

“We wanted to replace our traditional backlight menus that cannot be changed, with modern and digital menu boards. They would enable us to distribute promotions, information on specific dishes, and different content more easily and simultaneously on all locations. One of our priority’s was also to make the new system user friendly. VC System met all our needs and expectations. With PADS4, we have an innovated technical solution that opened up many new opportunities.”

Kebab King Poland

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