Delhaize Serbia uses behavior triggered advertising

Delhaize Serbia is the biggest and most popular chain of grocery stores in Serbia. They were in need of a digital signage solution and they had a few specific wishes. Delhaize Serbia chose Fifth Screen, PADS4 reseller in Serbia, to create a dynamic digital retail solution.

Audience measurement as content trigger

One of those requirements was to incorporate analytics in their digital signage. Being up to date and relevant is of the utter most important for a grocery store, and the data-driven PADS4 platform ticked all the boxes for displaying content based on real-time data. For anonymous audience measurement, Fifth Screen selected Quividi as PADS4 has an out-of-the-box Quividi data provider already included. Quividi is one of the leading names when it comes to audience analytics. Their platform makes it possible to deliver content perfectly suitable to engage and convert audiences, all while protecting privacy.

Located at the entrances, and point of sales at the fresh produce and deli departments, it’s hard to miss the advertisements. The data they get from audience measurement, allows them to always be relevant for their customers.

This also pictures an important reason for them to choose PADS4; it’s ability to easily integrate the audience measurement software. PADS4 can be installed on your existing equipment. No big changes are needed, and it can easily be combined with other software. The integration with Quividi proves that.

Remote control is key

Another important reason to use PADS4, was their number of stores. With 213 screens in 73 different locations, managing them separately from all 73 locations makes no sense. What does make sense is managing all those screens from one central location. The remote control makes managing and monitoring their digital signage network effortless and time-efficient.

Personal PADS4 favorites

PADS4 Designer enables Delhaize Serbia to make attractive content with ease and enables them to make presentations based on the audience measurement data coming from Quividi. With PADS4 Agent, they are able to measure the results for that content. These functionalities make PADS4 Designer and PADS4 Agent their favorite features. It helps them achieve their goal; creating an advertising space based on customer analytics, to compose unique, one-of-a-kind campaigns.

Looking at the retail industry, Delhaize Serbia created the biggest and most visible digital signage network in Serbia with the help of PADS4.

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