Centrally managed content of 150 financial service stores in UAE

UAE Exchange, the leading financial services brand in the United Arab Emirates, needed a way to incorporate digital signage in all of their stores. Their digital signage supports dynamic content management for specific stores, and provides flexibility to manage multiple content schedules in a short time. Since they are an ever-growing business, their digital signage also needed to be scalable. With over 600 screens scattered around the 150 stores at this moment, it was a challenge to make everyone’s wishes come true. PADS4 was able to realize all that they wanted.

PADS4 Viewer Variables saves work

UAE Exchange wanted to bind all of the stores screens with one technology solution, to make sure they did not have to create different presentations for all those screens. With our PADS4 Viewer Variables feature, UAE Exchange was able to tell PADS4 which data was variable. With this information, creating variable content within the same presentation suitable for different screens at various location became effortless.

Each of their 150 stores displays subjective content on promotional campaigns or internal announcements based on location and other store specific aspects. With Viewer Variables, the content can be made specific, making it more relevant when it comes to information for customers and employees.

PADS4 was not only chosen for its Viewer Variables feature. For UAE Exchange, PADS4 offered an effective channel to engage their employees. Based on the location of the screens, UAE Exchange can differentiate internal messages addressed to employees. It became easy to inform employees about internal policies, product launches, events, personal wishes and much more.

Multi-lingual support was crucial

Being a leading brand in the United Arab Emirates, Arabization was an important factor for UAE Exchange. As Arabic translations are mandatory as per UAE law, displaying content in Arabic was a statutory requirement. PADS4 created multi-lingual support for UAE Exchange, giving them the possibility to effectively showcase both English and Arabic and therefor meeting the statutory requirements. PADS4 made the management of dynamic content less complex and easy.

“Being a renowned financial institution with a network of over 150 stores and 600 screens, it is a tedious task for us to achieve efficiency in digital signage management. Upon implementing PADS4, we not only gained an effective digital signage network, but also a top-notch content management system. The software also enabled real-time communication for us across the stores, which alleviated the pain of timely content delivery and communication.” – Prakash Menon, Digital and outdoor Media UAE exchange.

With the effective management of all their different locations, PADS4 provided an effective solution for content management for UAE Exchange. All the 600+ screens can be managed easily from one central location. UAE Exchange uses a mix of screens from different manufacturers. It shows that PADS4 is a robust, hardware agnostic and versatile platform, that enables easy centralized management of a multi-location digital signage network.

Creating a smooth business operation

NDS Middle East was involved in this project. Our colleague, Debojit Das, saw this project grow to the size it has now: “There were a lot of challenges to overcome with this project, with the multi-lingual support being the biggest one. It’s a great feeling to visit UAE Exchange locations and see customers take pictures of the content on the screen. It goes to show that PADS4 added extra value for UAE Exchange and was able to create a big impact.”

With PADS4, UAE Exchange gained a lot of advantages and most of all, it creates an effective management of all their different locations.

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