LG powered by PADS4

Maximize your business opportunities with LG.

LG Electronics has officially certified PADS4 as a digital signage software partner of the LG webOS Smart Signage Platform. With full support for LG webOS 2, LG webOS 3 and LG webOS 4, PADS4 seamlessly runs on the System on Chip (SoC) displays of LG. The high performance built-in player makes sure there is no other hardware needed. Only an internet connection, power and the PADS4 app launcher is what you need to start running your content on the LG webOS screens. But even when the internet connection is lost for a moment, the smooth playback functionality that comes with the built-in player will ensure that there is always running content on the screens.

LG Electronics is a leading supplier of electronics and is focused on developing new innovations across business to help them perform better by using digital signage. PADS4 serves the same purpose as a certified software partner and therefore guarantees full support for the LG webOS hardware series.

The benefits of webOS.

Continuity of contentEven if there is a network failure, the content will continue to play on the screens. Black screens will no longer be shown.
Minimized network trafficNetwork traffic will be minimized by local storage of content with the NDS local storage API.
Lower hardware costsWith the LG webOS screens you no longer need to buy external players, since the System On Chip replaces the player.

Supported LG versions by PADS4

PADS4 is a certified software partner of LG. By supporting the built-in native app, PADS4 is able to have access to all the screen capabilities.

The following series of LG hardware are supported by:

LG WebOS 2

LG WebOS 3

LG WebOS 4

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.

PADS4 cases powered by LG