PADS4 Workspace Module

The best user experience at your workspace

Update your workspace

Office buildings are changing now more than ever. With the PADS4 Workspace module you optimize the user experience in the best way possible!

improve experience at work

It's all about the user experience

The PADS4 Workspace module solutions enhance the well-being and productivity of employees and visitors. From booking spaces, to desk management and meeting information. In our module all functionalities come together to create an environment with increased collaboration.

enhance work experience

PADS4 Workspace Module

The module to manage all your spaces

More effective tools
Outlook pluginSearch features by criteria, manage space profiles and additional services, and adhere to COVID-19 rules.
better experience through web app
Web appOverall management of spaces, equipment and other additional services compatible with Outlook and Gmail.
improve with statistics
Administration and statisticsFine management of rights and profiles, devices and customizable statistics and administration.
responsive to improve experience
Smartphone versionAll workspace features are compatible and can be used with any type of smartphone via the app.

Workspace benefits

A complete suite to manage your workspace

Covers 100% of spaces and scenarios

In control of all spaces in your building

Meeting rooms, huddle rooms, desks, common spaces and more.

Multi devices

Compatible from signage screen to desktop, and from smartphone to tablet.

Supports most hardware brands, even in combination with each other

Intuitive and ergonomic

Intuitive kiosk for the best experience

Use touchscreen functionality for an optimal user experience

Easily set up and customizable

Change bookings easily within seconds.

Only setup the structure ones

In control of user activity with user profiles based on permissions

Additional services

Get the most out of your workspace!


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