Passenger Information

Connect PADS4 to existing databases to share beautiful passenger information display, wayfinding, and infotainment across transit networks.

Smart Passenger Information Display

Get in CTRL of transit signage with PADS4. With one platform to power all your information screens (FIDS, PIDS, employment rosters), interactive kiosks, and advertising screens, PADS4 makes it easy to create, share, and update information across your entire signage network. Plus, with data integration from hundreds of sources, you can use SAP, Opera, SharePoint, etc. to integrate real time data like the weather, passenger and travel information, schedules and delays, gate times, booking information, social media, and infotainment. Engage visitors, offer seamless wayfinding, and reduce the burden on customer service

with interactive kiosks, complete with conditional maps for dynamic guidance and wayfinding. With PADS4, you’re able to update and inform travelers of changes in real time. No matter how you move travelers, PADS4 helps you provide an enhanced experience with dynamic wayfinding, route, and passenger information. Whether you’re integrating digital kiosks or advertising, PADS4 adds value for travelers. From dynamic guidance with real-time updates and reroutes including gate and bus changes to product information, advertising, and infotainment, PADS4 helps you do more with transportation signage.

Your Transit Digital Signage Solution

Connect all your data, automate display updates, and manage screens from a central location, PADS4 is designed for transit applications.

Reduce Missed Transfers

Share real-time updates for arrivals/departures, delays, and pre-allocated gates & platforms to reduce missed transfers.

Offer Self-Service

Cut demands on customer support with interactive kiosks complete with online ticketing, timetables, and dynamic wayfinding to gates and departures.

Cut Queueing

Improve traveler experience with dynamic queue management, infotainment, and wayfinding to reduce wait times. A happy traveler is a spending traveler.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 is the most complete digital signage solution for passenger information display.  See how our customers in airports and in public transit hubs improve their traveler and passenger flow.

Streamline passenger flow with PADS4

Use your data to the passengers advantage, show timetables like departures and arrivals on digital displays directly from sources you already use. Avoid confusion and irritation by showing the right information and guiding them to their destination.