Internal Communication

Inform, inspire, and guide with real-time data. Our internal communication solutions help you build on existing data to create truly smart signage.

An Internal Communication Platform

PADS4 offers all the tools you need to set-up, manage, and share content effectively across your display network. Our range of digital signage solutions support you in building employee engagement, communicating ideas, and pushing data across your organization to boost safety. It offers you as a facility manager an internal communication solution that integrates all your data sources to schedule and assign presentations and displays with live data streams. It’s even possible to connect big data and show inspiring and helpful information in real-time. With many people working from home, we understand you’re looking for ways to stay in touch. Our Desktop Communication keeps you connected, with screen to screen communication for individual or broadcasted messages on screensavers and in pop-ups.

Real-time data ensures your signage is always relevant, no matter who is using the room. Maybe you want to display work instruction videos, or you want to direct visitors and employees to the correct meeting rooms. Whether you want to show the sales statistics of this month, or inspire employees with real-time stock and profit information, PADS4 makes it all possible. PADS4 digital signage helps you take control of your internal communication. Create custom, location-based messages and manage all your display communication from one central location. Whether you supervise one small building, or many offices around the world, PADS4 boosts your communication, brand, and inspirational content on screens, including kiosks, video walls, desktops and meeting room displays.

Smart Office Displays

Integrate any database to create beautiful displays that add value across your offices, reception, and work floor.

Guide Visitors
and Employees

Implement real-time wayfinding, resource management, and guest check-in management to reduce wait-times and confused visitors across offices.

Boost your

Share real-time KPIs, equipment management, and resource management with your employees to boost productivity with inspiration and awareness.

Improve Time Management

Push updated calendars and schedules, resource management information, and deadlines across offices to keep your employees on track and motivated.

Why PADS4 for digital signage?

From stunning video walls to desktop communication, PADS4 offers the internal communication solutions to meet your corporate needs.

ReceptionCreate beautiful reception screens to welcome guests, inform employees, and share corporate branding or KPIs
DashboardsLink data to create dashboards sharing KPIs, progress to goals, rosters and schedules, and more
Desktop CommunicationPush targeted desktop communication with branding, training information, alerts, etc., with read-notifications
Meeting RoomsImplement door-signs and in-room displays to improve room management and add-value to conferences and meetings
BookingLet employees book the meeting room they need easily from their mobile app or computer desktop
Dynamic DataIntegrate many databases with data-filtering and automation to share dynamic data across any display

PADS4 cases

PADS4 offers a range of internal communication solutions. With PADS4, you can build employee engagement, communicate ideas easily and save time and money on the way.

Smart Internal Communication Signage with PADS4

Effective internal communication helps you build a succesful business. Save time, boost productivity, and save money with PADS4. Whether you want to share your branding, or inspire your employees, with PADS4 you can create your very own custom, location-based messages. Controlling is easy, all your screens are managed from one central location.