Desktop Communication

Boost efficient employee communication with PADS4.

Stay in touch with employees everywhere

Engaged employees on average bring a 20 – 25% boost in productivity, and internal communication please an important part in making your staff feel comfortable. However, office communication also forms a key issue for organizations and agencies that want work more efficient. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could send scheduled or instant updates, inspire employees with key data, newsletters, and presentations, communicate with remote network branches, or have a critical system status delivered to a select group of people? With PADS4 Desktop Communication you connect with everyone, select groups or even individuals. Inform your employees with a screensaver, or send your staff active messages with automatic pop-up desktop alerts.

PADS4 Desktop Communication extends your internal communication network by connecting all desktops and laptops in your network with PADS4 Messenger and PADS4 Desktop Viewer. These tools give you the possibility to instantly correspond with anyone in your workplace. Let urgent messages appear immediately with the alert function, and easily track your communication with read receipts. Whether you want to notify one single person, or thousands worldwide, PADS4 Messenger shares your message in real-time. The PADS4 Desktop Viewer allows you to set a screensaver to play presentations automatically or manually. No matter what you choose, with PADS4 you are in full control of your workplace communication.

Manage your digital communication network

Optimize your communication with employees everywhere with PADS4 Desktop Communication. What do you need to get started?

PADS4 Messenger

Whether you want to send a message to one specific employee, or want to talk to an entire team of people, with the PADS4 Messenger you can do so easily. Send messages, with a read receipt, control screensavers, or send alerts and keep everyone up to date and informed. 

PADS4 Desktop Viewer

With the PADS4 Desktop Viewer, you use the desktops of your employees as an extension to your existing viewers. Create attractive presentations including data connections, situation-driven rules and interactivity and notify your staff of policy changes, interesting figures and more.

Why PADS4 for Desktop Communication?

PADS4 Desktop Communication is a powerful solution to optimize your internal communication.

Set PrioritiesPriority messages overrule your 'regular' workplace communication, making it possible to immediately get in touch with staff when needed.
Choose your AudienceQuickly contact all your employees, or focus on a specific group of PC's with a targeted message for an explicit team in your company.
Including all Data ProvidersAll data providers and situation-driven rules that you are accustomed to in PADS4 can also be used with our Desktop Communication.
Send MessagesShort or long messages, company news, important facts and figures, or major updates, all work-related messages can be send without difficulty.
Choose your DesignMessages can not only be send as screensavers. With appealing designs for all sorts of messages you are done in an instant.
Expand your SignageSimply expand your communication network without requiring new hardware. All PC's in your facility become a means of communication.

PADS4 connects 8000 desktops

One of the largest PADS4 implementations in a working environment is part of a ambitious solution for a government body in South Africa. With 8000 Desktop Viewers, internal communication plays an important role. It shows how PADS4 helps companies reach thousands of employees all around the world with only one communication network.