Giada powered by PADS4

A cost-effective hardware solution with a stable connection.

Giada offers a full range of windows and android based media players to meet all the different customer needs. With special focus on high quality, an extensive selection and best price-performance ratio, Giada players have been widely used in different scenarios worldwide.

PADS4 digital signage software has officially been certified for Giada players. The combination of Giada hardware and PADS4 software provides fantastic solutions for the digital signage market such as advertising, digital menu boards, smart meeting room etc.

The benefits of Giada & PADS4

Refresh old display hardwareGiada players easily turns older screens into faster ones.
Multiple HDMICreate stunning video walls with just one Giada player with 4 HDMI outputs.
Small form factorThe Giada players have small bodies with high potential.

Supported Giada versions by PADS4

The media players of Giada are available for various requirements that include entry-level, mid range or high-performance signage players. Powered by PADS4, Giada media players are perfect multiple solutions in various markets.

The following versions of Giada are supported by PADS4:




For more information about supported screens please contact our sales department.


Philips powered by PADS4

Offers a solution that fits your needs.

The professional display solutions of Philips powered by PADS4 digital signage software make it possible to reach a new standard in digital communication. Each of the supported lines of Philips displays has their own features which powered by PADS4 meet specific needs in different markets. The Q-Line doesn’t require additional hardware, only PADS4 software, and can be configured for almost any function. The D-Line is the perfect choice for content that needs to make a powerful impact and the P-Line is built tough with heavy-duty components, designed for 24/7 operation, and features high-brightness outputs. The T-Line features multi-touch interactivity, which allows collaborative interaction.

The benefits of Philips & PADS4

Powered by AndroidRun the content directly on the screen and optimize performance using the PADS4 Android player.
Minimal cost of ownershipThe powerful built in System-on-Chip (SoC) provides the all-in-one hardware solution for your signage solutions.
Remote ManagementUse remote management capabilities to eliminate the need to physically go to the screen.

Supported Philips versions by PADS4

Multiple Philips hardware lines have been certified by PADS4 digital signage software. The Philips professional displays are optimized with native Android-apps, which makes it possible to install PADS4 direct on the screen.

The following series of Philips are supported by PADS4:





For more information about Philips and PADS4 and the supported displays, please visit the our partner pages for Smart Digital Building or Airports. You can also contact our sales department.


BenQ powered by PADS4

Create value with future-proof visual solutions.

The BenQ digital signage screens powered by PADS4 captivate your audience with immersive and interactive content. The BenQ screens feature unmatched color performance and ensures 100% color fidelity and consistency. With different mode possibilities, you always have the best resolution based on the content you would like to show with help of digital signage software.

The benefits of BenQ & PADS4

Pantone-Validated Color accuracy makes a considerable difference in getting the right message across. For the best results, Pantone validated displays go a long way
Smart investmentAll highly demanded content possible with no need for an extra player. The built-in Android launcher easily connects with PADS4.
Slim & LightweightThe narrow bezel and lightweight screen design fits any environment, whether it’s a store, restaurant or other organization.

Supported BenQ versions by PADS4

The displays of BenQ powered by PADS4 digital signage software create stunning digital signage solutions for your organization.

The following series of BenQ hardware are supported by PADS4:

SL 02K-series

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.


BrightSign powered by PADS4

Combine dependable players with PADS4 software for flawless playback.

BrightSign is one of the global market leaders in the digital signage market when it comes to media players. The integration with PADS4 digital signage software offers a seamless integration with exceptional 4K and Full HD video quality. BrightSign’s media player is a reliable hardware solution for a stable digital signage network within every market.

Easily create stunning video content with PADS4 digital signage software powered by BrightSign.

The benefits of Brightsign & PADS4

ReliableA dependable solid-state platform that delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability.
High resolutionExceptional 4K and Full HD video and image quality with superior performance.
Seamless integrationSeamless integrations of the PADS4 functionalities on the BrightSign player.

Supported BrightSign hardware version by PADS4

The BrightSign player in combination with PADS4 digital signage software, serve you the perfect solution for beautiful digital signage solutions in every market.

The following version of BrightSign hardware is supported by PADS4:





For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.


AOPEN powered by PADS4

Create personalized solutions with AOPEN and PADS4.

Charming, informing and entertaining crowds with the digital signage solutions powered by PADS4 is what AOPEN is aiming to achieve. With the possibility to combine Windows and Android players and eTILEs (all-in-one touch displays) with PADS4 digital signage software, there is a perfect solution for every market. The different chip sets, I/O ports and display & playback resolution gives you the opportunity to create the most eye-catching signage solutions.

Whether the hardware should be robust, able to withstand high temperatures or be placed in a small environment, AOPEN offers a range of mediaplayers perfect for every scenario.

The benefits of AOPEN & PADS4

Small Form FactorThe small form factor ensures an easy integration within any display in any environment, which is still very powerful in combination with PADS4!
Low TCO24/7 operable, CPU’s with low thermal design power and remote hardware and software control to reduce consequential costs.
VersatileThe combination of Windows & Android players with PADS4 creates the perfect solution to optimize functionality for every display.

Supported AOPEN hardware versions by PADS4

The value-adding combination of AOPEN hardware and PADS4 digital signage software makes it possible to provide the perfect complete digital signage solutions for you.

The following series of AOPEN hardware are supported by PADS4:

Intel Signage Players

eTILE-FB Series

AMD Signage Players

eTILE-FW Series

Video Wall Series

eTILE-X Series

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.


Hikvision integrated
with PADS4

Combine intelligent cameras with PADS4 to guide and motivate your audience through displays.

Hikvision offers a wide range of cameras and sensors to detect abnormalities and enhance safety in many ways. Now it is easier to comply with the various official regulations to create a trustworthy environment. With Hikvision’s cameras, it’s possible to keep an eye on people’s temperatures on premises, measure distances between people to make sure they keep enough distance and screen many other activities. With PADS4 as a digital signage platform, that information can be transformed into relevant and understandable signage. Once Hikvision cameras detect any breaches in the set rules and regulations, PADS4 displays warning messages and the appropriate steps to follow next. With this collaboration, a new and safer environment is created where employees, customers, or visitors are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

The benefits of Hikvision

AI & Deep LearningThe cameras' AI and Deep Learning improves the data and context driven public signage.
Responsive contentReal time responsive signage based on triggers.
Available worldwideA worldwide partner network that serves you the best suitable digital signage solutions.

Hikvision integrated with PADS4

Hikvision has many different types of cameras and sensors with different capabilities. The IP cameras and sensors supported by PADS4 are able to provide solutions for:

People counting

Skin temperature screening

Social distance detection

Crowd density detection

Face mask detection

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.


Qbic powered by PADS4

Upgrade your facility with attractive and innovative solutions.

Qbic Technology’s aim is to create technology that makes life easier, efficient and keeping up with the world’s fast going pace. All of this without compromising and endangering our earth, by making their hardware smaller, faster, and more energy efficient.

Our PADS4 digital signage platform has officially been certified as a signage software partner. The combination of Qbic Technology hardware and our software provides you the perfect digital signage solution for various vertical markets, like corporate communication.

The benefits of Qbic.

4K HDMI outputThe 4K HDMI output allows using 4K content on screens which are suitable for this.
Secured by authorizationSmart-Control device for facilities that require security authorization with the on-board NFC/RFID reader.
Less space fillingThe 3.5” LCD screen doesn’t need a lot of space and makes it easy to place on every desk.

Supported Qbic hardware versions by PADS4

Qbic offers not only a standard line of products but also customized services with innovative, cutting-edge and award-winning technologies.

The following series of Qbic are supported by PADS4:



TD-1050 PRO

For more information about supported screens please contact our sales department.


IAdea powered by PADS4

Save time and money with high performing media players.

IAdea is a recognized pioneer in the global digital signage market since 2000. It creates innovative, commercial-grade digital signage media players and integrated displays. By focusing on partnership, IAdea created one of the industry’s largest ecosystems around open standards across a wide variety of business markets, with a strong footprint in public transit. PADS4 is a silver partner of IAdea and supports a wide range of IAdea hardware.

The benefits of using IAdea.

Integrated NFC readerThe builtin NFC reader puts you in complete control of attendance management.
Status lightsThe built-in status lights give you an easy overview of availability.
Improving interactivityThe fully interactive screens make it possible to book a room in seconds.

Supported by PADS4

IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge enterprise-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. These devices operate reliably 24×7 under one managed global infrastructure.

The following series of IAdea hardware are supported by PADS4:








For more information about supported screens and players please contact our sales department.


ProDVX powered by PADS4

Diverse and innovative products to rely on.

PADS4 digital signage software has officially been certified for the ProDVX Android SoC Displays. The collaboration of PADS4 and ProDVX offers dynamic solutions for meeting room signage and many other signage applications. ProDVX has a large variety of screen sizes, based on the specific requirements of every solution. All screens are designed for continuous commercial use.

With full support for ProDVX’s APPC-DSK/DSQ series, APPC-10SLB and ABPC-543, you’ll get the maximum out of ProDVX screens and PADS4.

The benefits of using ProDVX.

Full LED barShow occupancy of rooms by automatically changing the LED bar color based on predefined rules.
Wide variety of display sizesA comprehensive display range from 7 inch to 37 inch, with a different screen for every extra inch. This includes the UltraWide displays.
Solution based rangeA dedicated screen based on requirements for every solution, making the most out of the solution.

Supported by PADS4

With digital signage technology complete with media players, integrated displays, and software solutions for display, management, network control, and remote updates, PADS4 and ProDVX offer a truly full-service solution.

The following series of ProDVX are supported by PADS4:







For more information about supported screens please contact our sales department.

PADS4 case studies powered by ProDVX