What do you know about digital signage?


What do you know about digital signage?

From internal communication in corporate meeting rooms and offices to external ads, wayfinding and transit information, communication drives businesses. Today, digital information is everywhere. Ever been to a restaurant and saw these fancy digital menu boards? Or when it’s finally time to go on that much-needed holiday and you check those screens on the airport to see if your flight leaves on time? Digital signage is the ideal way to share and leverage all the information you already have. Maybe you’ve heard of digital signage and maybe you haven’t. Either way, you probably have no idea of all the possibilities it has to offer. After reading the full article, you will know exactly what digital signage is and how it can be used to benefit you and your company.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is everywhere around you. Google has a pretty simple answer to what digital signage is exactly; digital signage is a way of communicating, where dynamic information is displayed on screens of all sizes, either inside or outside. Of course, this is a pretty basic, yet correct explanation, but digital signage is also much more than just a way of communicating.

Google’s answer, “a way of communicating where dynamic information is displayed on screens”, does not cover all the different components that digital signage consists of. To fully understand digital signage, it is important to be able to distinguish a couple of different components.

  • Hardware: to be able to display your ‘dynamic information’, screens and displays are necessary components
  • Software: the content on the screen is displayed and managed via software, it keeps your presentations going
  • Connectivity: of course, there has to be a connection that goes back to your content management system, this can be done via Wi-Fi or a landline
  • Installation: this might seem like an obvious one, but once you have all your digital signage components ready, the installation has to be done
  • Content: you can have top of the line screens hanging in your company, but without the right content they are useless
What's in it for you?

So, maybe you’re reading this and thinking: “What’s going to be our return on investment when we decide to implement digital signage in our company..”. Start looking at digital signage as an investment, and you will discover many advantages. Over time, you’ll see that it saves you time, and in addition money. Not only will updating your digital screens become less time consuming, advertisements can also reflect real-time data and be targeted for exactly the right target group at the right time. An example, when it gets cold outside, you can display hot chocolate on your digital menu boards, but as soon as the temperature goes up, it can automatically be replaced with ice cream. All of this can drive your sales. On the other hand, digital signage can be used for internal communications as well. Your employees can see the results they achieved clearly, which will make them feel extra motivated to go the extra mile. With digital signage, you can make your wayfinding so functional, saving your employees time from explaining visitors where to go.

Why should you choose PADS4 as your digital signage platform?

As mentioned, the software is an important component of a digital signage solution. When you start searching for digital signage software, you will find many manufacturers. I can understand that choosing the right one for you can be difficult, but the answer to why you should choose PADS4 is short and quite simple. NDS, the face behind PADS4, has over 25 years of experience. Our software, PADS4, is the most complete smart digital signage platform you are going to find. With content responding to real-time events and context based automation, there is no action needed. We offer you one platform to design templates and content, schedule presentations, play content, manage distribution and monitor your signage network. Everything you need to start implementing digital signage is simply within reach.

PADS4 gives you all the tools you need to take your digital signage to the next level. PADS4 is a stable and reliable solution that enables easy, centralized management of a multi-location digital signage network. No need for you to worry about your displays when you are not around, PADS4 has it all covered. There is also a direct cost-efficient reason to choose PADS4; you can use it on your existing hardware and it’s an out-of-the-box solution without additional software development.

Why should YOU use digital signage?

Everyone wants to optimize their customer’s experience right? Whether you use it to guide passenger to their airport destination, inform your employees of changes and updates or want your restaurant to have the smartest digital menu boards, PADS4 makes sure you will benefit from the changes made. PADS4 gives you one platform for multiple solutions, all while being data and context driven. Curious to see how digital signage can benefit you and your company? Contact us now and we look forward to helping you.

In short, PADS4 enables you to couple data you already own to drive results, improve communication, and translate information you have into actionable messages and solutions.