Optimize your visitor experience

Our digital visitor management system (VMS) is a tool that helps organizations create or carry out their visitor management policies & workflow. Visitor management is any process that helps an organization keeping track of the guests and visitors visiting their location. It will help improving the visitor experience, in combination of all our other smart digital building modules.


The best system to keep track of your visitors!

Optimize your visitor experience by making your visitor management more efficient!  With the PADS4 Visitor Management System module you can easy keep track of the people that visit your location.


  • Guest reception (check in/out)
  • Reception dashboard overview
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate internal policies
  • Badge printer & access control
  • Other check in registry


  • Clear summary & in control of all the visitors & events
  • Easily customizable with printed ID badge for visitors
  • Visitors are informed about the event & recieves a pin or QR code for registration & check in on-site by email
  • A notification is send to the host when the visitors are checked in by email
  • Manually & automatic check in & out by visitors & host
  • Fully integrated with the PADS4 Platform

Visitor Management Brochure

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about how PADS4 Visitor Management can benefit your organization. Click here to download our brochure now and see how easy it is to manage your visitors with PADS4