Social Safety Signage

Inform, prevent, detect, and react to abnormalities and create a safe environment in the new normal for everyone around you.

A Digital Signage Platform for Social Safety

Extraordinary times ask for extraordinary measures, and eventually give way to a new normal. The newfound alertness against contagion during this pandemic may signal the end of hugs and handshakes. New technologies such as temperature screening become mandatory, and face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are now commonplace. Hygiene and sanitizations are no more an option but a mandate. More things are accomplished online than ever imagined, and many people work from home. Companies operate on reduced attendance and encourage online alternatives. Hospitals offer telemedicine, and retail operates on revised working hours with reduced crowd capacity. Companies want to get back in business safely as soon as possible. They  need to find a way to adapt and create a trustworthy environment.  

How are you dealing with social distancing, occupancy and capacity restrictions? As a company, you need to inform, prevent, detect, and react instantly, all according to changing regulations and protocols. We need to unite and take our responsibility to look out for each other. Only then can we return to an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone. PADS4 Social Safety Signage gives you the digital means to create that safe environment. With PADS4, you establish a place that is safer and trusted once this pandemic ends. Digital signage helps you inform your employees and visitors about the measurements you take. It contributes to the prevention of more infections. Digital signage helps you detect breaches in your regulations, and react to breaches efficiently via your digital signage network.

Create safer conditions

Show your employees and visitors the safety of their surroundings with updates, rules and regulations on attractive displays.


Inform your employees and visitors about the measurements you’re taking, and let them know where they can find available workspaces.

Inform everyone on your premises


Optimize the office space that you have with rules and regulations in mind, and prevent exposing employees to unnecessary risks.

Prevent people from getting sick


Keep a watchful eye through new technologies and detect alarming conditions in an instant to protect your visitors and employees.

Detect abnormalities


Immediately respond to breaches and react to abnormalities with your digital signage network, keeping your surroundings safe.

React to ensure safety

Why PADS4 for Social Safety?

Display rules and regulations, or use camera technologies to guarantee safety, PADS4 gives you the tools to return to the new normal.

Rules and regulationsDisplay guidelines and protocols on health and safety including social distancing, hand-sanitization, hygiene etc.
Workspace bookingEnable booking a workspace with the required social distance even before employees get to the office.
Simple overviewsReal-time visibility of the overall workspace utilization and vacant spaces to prevent employees wandering around.
Manage crowdsCount people on high-traffic locations, show crowd usage indicators and dynamic direction signs to divert the crowd.
A safe environmentKeep an eye on visitors and employees on your premises and show live streaming of the crowd on your screens.
React to incidentsIn case of incidents, show alerts on entrance screens or staff screens, and guide everyone on the next procedures.

Back to the new normal

Powered by PADS4, Social Safety Signage uses the power of a digital signage network as a solution to contain the pandemic. Ensure everyone’s  safety with up-to-date and relevant information, and divert crowds with dynamic wayfinding. Curious to see how PADS4 can help you get back in business with Social Safety Signage? Download the leaflet and find out!

Social Safety Signage with PADS4

The effects of this pandemic stay with us for a while, and informing about and responding to unexpected events are more important than ever. With PADS4, you transform relevant data sources into smart and versatile signage, to inform employees, customers, and visitors on the measurements you are taking to create a safe environment. PADS4 meets post-pandemic requirements, simply by integrating all your data sources and screens.

a new normal with a safer work environment