Smart meeting room signage

Stay in real-time control of signage in your meeting and conference facilities, and save time and money while doing so.

A complete digital signage solution for meeting rooms

Managing digital signage in meeting rooms and facilities requires strong, flexible solutions capable of keeping up with daily and even hourly changes to bookings, events, and meeting rooms. PADS4 offers real-time control, with smart meeting room solutions like Viewer Variables to save time and money while keeping booking, wayfinding, signage, and in-room communication up-to-date and relevant for the client. Our smart meeting room solutions integrate existing data sources and booking tools to update displays with new information.

Quickly and easily reuse presentations with variable brands, names, and logos, and organize wayfinding around clients. PADS4 also supports in-room communication, including browser-based solutions, allowing clients to use screens for their own presentations and data to maximize value. Plus, with a complete CMS and templates, PADS4 smart meeting room digital signage helps you get more from displays, save time on presentations, and improve your customer experience.

All you need is PADS4

Be in control of all your meeting and conference room communication with PADS4.

Keep staff up-to-date

Link to booking systems and equipment databases to seamlessly update displays to indicate room layout, needs, status, and more.

Add value with branding

Enhance the client experience with branding and personalization of in-room signage, complete with client-facing CMS.

Optimize wayfinding

Offer smarter wayfinding with dynamic updates, so guests can find rooms based on occupant, even after last-minute room changes.

PADS4 in Meeting and Conference Rooms

PADS4 smart meeting room digital signage helps you get more from displays, save time on presentations, and improve your customer experience.

Avoid conflictsAvoid scheduling conflicts and double booking.
Save timeSave time with easy network management tools.
Reduce reproduction costsReduce reproduction costs with reusable templates.
Guide visitorsGuide visitors and staff to their destinations.
In controlPut hosts in control of screens in meeting rooms.
Corporate brandingCreate corporate branding across your organisation.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 easily integrates into the existing infrastructure  and workflow of your organization. See how other organizations already benefit from automated display communication powered by PADS4.

Smart Meeting Room Signage with PADS4

Make sure your visitors and your employees get to their meetings on time. Show meeting details and directions on every screen until they reach their destination. With PADS4 we offer a full range of tools designed for meeting rooms, including real time updates, integration with industry standard software for booking and reservation management such as Amadeus Advanced – Delphi, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and Office 365.