Powerful smart building solutions

With state-of-the-art solutions to collect, connect, transform and distribute your data, PADS4 empowers your workplace.

Solutions for your entire smart building

PADS4 optimizes your smart digital building with strong and flexible solutions. Connect to and display data, and collect and transform that data to improve the well-being of building users.

Meeting Room Management

Managing digital signage in meeting rooms and facilities requires strong, flexible solutions capable of keeping up with daily and even hourly changes to bookings, events, and meeting rooms. PADS4 Smart Meeting Room Signage works with your data to put you in control of signage in all your meeting and conference facilities.


Desk Management

Create an optimized office space with PADS4 Desk Management. With hot desking, desk hoteling, or reverse desking, you increase employee engagement and boost productivity and collaboration within different teams.

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Internal Communication

Effective communication is crucial to a successful business. That’s why PADS4 offers a range of corporate communication solutions, helping you to build employee engagement, communicate ideas, and ensure everyone is on the same page.



Leverage digital wayfinding to improve customer service, visitor satisfaction, and timely arrival. From hospitals to government buildings to outdoor events and venues, getting from one place to another is crucial to the visitor experience.


Smart Sensor Management

Sensors and cameras help optimize your office building. Create one unified workspace where spaces such as meeting rooms, desks, and huddle rooms can easily be booked by employees and visitors.


Desktop Communication

Stay in touch with all your employees, even those working from home. The PADS4 Messenger and the PADS4 Desktop Viewer hand you all the tools needed to stay in control of internal communication.


Digital Menu Boards

Menu boards have come a long way from the days of static paper, but now you can take digital menu boards to the next level with PADS4. Our software allows you to develop smart and dynamic menu boards, programmed to respond to real-time events like the weather, time of day, or other factors to create engagement and drive sales.


Social Safety Signage

How do you as a company deal with social distancing, occupancy, and capacity restrictions? Social Safety Signage powered by PADS4 helps you get back in business while keeping everyone safe.



Take your digital signage advertising to the next level with smart features and real-time data integration. PADS4 Smart Digital Signage helps you do more with digital advertising boards, so you can boost ad visibility, increase engagement, and manage signage from a central location.


Passenger Information

Get in Control of transit signage, with PADS4. With one platform to power all your information screens (FIDS, PIDS, employment rosters), interactive kiosks, and advertising screens, PADS4 makes it easy to create, share, and update information across your signage network.