PADS4 Crystal CMS

Stay in control of content across all your channels with PADS4 Crystal CMS, our digital signage content management system.

Web-based digital signage CMS

Manage content across your digital signage network with our fully secure web-based CMS. PADS4 Crystal CMS makes it easy to get in control of digital signage content management with simple but powerful tools.

Simple Content Management

Simplify content management across your digital signage network with easy-to-use tools and a drag & drop interface. PADS4 Crystal CMS offers a familiar layout and a low learning curve, making it easy to set up and get started. Create custom user profiles and control user rights, so everyone with access to screens can update content. Plus, with a secure web portal, users can log in from any browser-enabled device to update content across all screens, using smart tools to manage publications, publishing priority, and content archives.

Most importantly, PADS4 Crystal CMS merges 70+ content sources such as Oracle, SharePoint, LDAP/AP, and more. These sources will help you manage and publish content across all your screens, as well as social media, news, room booking tools, and more. The application will enrich the automated content, already created in PADS4 Designer.

Manage display content from anywhere

Our web-based CMS will enrich your automated content powered by PADS4.

Creative design tools

Create, edit, and manage digital signage content right from your CMS. PADS4 Crystal CMS offers templates and design tools, so you can create your own digital signage layouts or import existing ones. With creative tools like layers, you can develop rich multimedia displays sourcing content from web, server, and live data. PADS4 Crystal CMS supports multiple media sources including video, images, text, slideshows and more so you can add engagement and real-time interactivity to maximize screen value. Plus, with native touchscreen support, PADS4 Crystal CMS is everything you need to make displays that are as functional as they are beautiful.

What else?

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