PADS4 Agent

PADS4 Agent is a digital signage monitor designed to help you stay on top of network status and performance.

Manage status and performance

PADS4 Agent is the perfect application for monitoring your content and network performance, improving quality and preventing outages.  Tools to track and manage connections, memory usage, and detailed system info are also included.

Overseeing presentations remotely

Create a central hub for overseeing presentations to manage displays across your entire network from one computer. Whether your digital signage network extends across the building or across the world, PADS4 Agent connects, updates, and configures your PADS4 Viewers to offer complete control. Distribute new content, install new fonts, generate live screenshots and much more with a simple, remote connection – invisible to your audience.

Or, use PADS4 Agent to remotely execute or schedule software updates, reboots, and other important tasks or set up features like Wake-on-LAN to switch displays off when not in use.

Keeping track of presentations and networks made easy

PADS4 Agent offers everything you need for monitoring presentations and networks to ensure delivery quality.

Monitor your digital signage network

Monitoring presentations and network quality is key to ensuring a good customer experience. Our digital signage monitor tracks your network performance to save time, reduce your budget, and cut downtime.

PADS4 Agent offers smart tools like automation and remote monitoring, so you can inspect network connections, memory usage, and detailed system info from a central location, automate monitoring processes using predefined tasks with built-in auto-recovery, and receive alerts in case of changes or failure.

Maximum transparency

Stay in control of your network with smart tools to quickly trace and identify problems. PADS4 Agent helps you minimize downtime with a unique black box concept to automatically log key configuration and performance data including memory consumption history to help you trace, and solve, problems. Analyze black boxes, check memory usage, inspect logs, and follow real-time data delivery, our smart digital signage monitor does it all.

The unique black box concept of PADS4 automatically logs key configuration and performance details. Memory consumption history and several logs help you to trace back problems.

What else?

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