Social Safety Signage – Back to the New Normal


Introducing Social Safety Signage
Back to the New Normal

We live in extraordinary times, which asks for extraordinary measures. To prepare organizations around the world for the post-pandemic era, PADS4 introduces Social Safety Signage. We support companies getting back in business safely, all to get back to the New Normal.

Social Safety Signage is the dynamic digital signage solution powered by PADS4. It empowers businesses to stay safe and informed, and complies to norms set in this pandemic age. It prepares business to get back to the New Normal. Whether you only display the rules and regulations you take, or use camera technologies to keep an eye on the safety and health of the people on your premises. In short, PADS4 gives you an opportunity to help return to a safer environment.

A safer workplace in the new normal with PADS4
How do we create a safer environment?

With PADS4, you easily integrate and transform data into the following smart and versatile display communication:

  • Inform employees and visitors about the measurements you’re taking. For instance, display instructions on health and safety, such as social distancing and hand sanitizations, to keep them up-to-date.
  • To prevent new infections from happening, you have to optimize the office space that you have. With rules and regulations in mind, employees book a workspace before getting to work with PADS4 Crystal CMS. Overviews with real-time available and taken workspaces keep people from wandering around. As a result, you prevent exposure to unnecessary risks.
  • Detecting alarming conditions is part of keeping everyone safe. Count people on high-traffic locations, display crowd usage indicators, and divert crowds using dynamic directions. With new technologies you keep a watchful eye and detect breaches instantly to protect visitors and employees.
  • When abnormalities occur, you need to react. Alerts on entrance screens immediately guide visitors and staff on the follow-up procedures. Take appropriate measures and create a safer environment for everyone.

Together with Hikvision, a world-leading provider of security products and solutions, we offer a complete solution with digital signage software and IP products. More news about this collaboration is expected in the near future.

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