Flex work in a smart digital building


Smart Digital Buildings in Flex Office and Work

After two years of successive lockdowns, we’re returning to a “new normal” life in the company. The global pandemic forced us to rethink how we work, meet, and host. Mobility and teleworking have accelerated workspace transformations, as everywhere, we shift towards Smart Digital Buildings.

Workspaces have changed to meet flex work, equipped with new technologies, connected with signage and smart screens, and designed around self-service.

The Rise in Flex Work

This new environment leaves it up to the employee to decide where and how to work. And, that means profoundly changing how we organize tools, use workspaces, and choose spaces to work in. If employees can work from anywhere in a workspace, they must have tools to reserve spaces based on available equipment, colleagues, preferences, and needs. These reservations must also be simple, accessible from any self-service or smart device, and accessible for planned and last-minute scheduling. Plus, employees must be able to see which spaces are available at any given time, through the applications and hardware they’re already using.

PADS4 Workspace

PADS4 Workspace is a PADS4 Smart Digital Building platform module, offering a unique set of smart digital building tools for workspace management. Our module is a fully customizable workplace management solution for people and facility management.

Desk Management – Integrate desk-booking solutions to enable hotdesking, desk-hoteling, and reverse-hoteling, to support your teams, however and wherever they want to work. Smart tools allow employees to book desk spaces individually or as groups, based on available assets like printers, docking stations, external monitors, webcams, etc.

Room Management – Get real-time oversight of meeting and conference facilities and offices, with live booking, reservations, and asset management. This allows employees to select rooms based on assets like projectors or screens, video conferencing support, or seating, with full overview of which rooms are booked and at what times.

Remote Work Management Manage where and how people work, with remote work check-ins. PADS4 Desk Management delivers insights into how and when people work from home and allows you to limit remote work per period, while reducing management overhead. Plus, with desk management, teams always see where colleagues are working for faster communication and collaboration – even when someone is working from home.

Booking Additional Services Allow employees to book added services, such as parking spaces, visitor slots, or reservations at a corporate restaurant. PADS4 manages assets, menus, and availability as part of booking, making it easy to integrate added services without increasing overhead for staff. For example, employees can book time with equipment or speciality computers. Or, conferences and meetings can reserve food, drinks, and equipment as part of the reservation, reducing the need to always have everything on-demand.

Equipment Management Link assets such as projectors, screens, videoconferencing systems, etc., to workspaces – where employees can use them as search criteria when selecting a workspace. Plus, with equipment status management, employees can report broken equipment and those spaces are excluded from search until the issue is resolved.

Insights – Facility managers can see how and when spaces are used. See which rooms and desks are most popular, how often people move, and which desk setups, such as huddle or cubicle, are most popular. PADS4 also tracks when employees log into a space and frees up rooms that aren’t claimed on time, preventing ghost bookings. Integrating PAdS4 IOT also means auto-logging when someone is at a desk without a booking it, ensuring no desk is double booked. And, with a clear overview of which spaces are in use, prioritizing cleaning is easier and faster.

Back to the office

Stay safe as you move back to the office, with PADS4 to optimize seating and meeting capacity. Exclude desks from bookings to enforce distancing. Adjust meeting room capacity to ensure safety. Or, schedule cleaning after the last person checks out of their desk. Plus, with integration into PADS4 Digital Signage, you can keep people informed of safety regulations as they change.

Making reservations with PADS4

PADS4 Workspace supports booking desks and rooms via a website, mobile app or Microsoft Outlook add-in. It also supports QR codes, so employees can scan a code to book a space. Plus, with desk and room screens, bookings can be completed via the screen or by scanning an employee badge.

Finally, by integrating PADS4 IoT, you can auto-detect desk and room occupants or book spaces directly from a PADS4 kiosk.

Paper coffee cup with Welcome back to the office
In conclusion

As employees come back to the office, PADS4 is here to ensure your workspace is organized, schedulable, and flexible. With the tooling you need to support flex work as it becomes more prominent in your organization, PADS4 helps you future-proof your workspaces, no matter how employees choose to use those spaces.

Would you like to know more about IoT and our PADS4 occupancy sensor? Or are you curious how you can use PADS4? Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!