Service and maintenance responsibilities of NDS will be carried out through the following four methods:

service level agreement
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Telephonic support

This is the initial service made available as part of the software maintenance open every working day, from 8:30 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday (CET), excluding local public holidays. Through this service, calls are taken into account and a first diagnosis is made. The NDS Support service intervening within the framework of the support line will issue the level of malfunction corresponding to the diagnosis made following the call in the form of a ticket in the Support portal.
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Curative maintenance

Curative maintenance refers to the provision of on-site intervention and repair services, designed to address specific support needs. This type of maintenance is performed in accordance with pre-defined response times, based on the severity of the identified malfunction levels.
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Support portal and ticketing

This additional service of the NDS Support department provides the Software update and all Software documentation as well as a facility to request support from the NDS Support team. It also provides a tool for monitoring support requests as well as a history archive or previously closed requests and or incidents.
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Preventive maintenance

Under the purview of preventive maintenance, NDS Support members will assume the responsibility of monitoring the Software, and provides the Customer with updates as deemed necessary. These updates are made available to the Customer at no additional cost, subject to the condition that the Customer has opted for a software maintenance agreement (SMA).

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PADS4 SLA Process

Telephonic Support

If included in your chosen Service Level Tier, NDS provides support telephonically during 08:30 – 17:00 CET time, Monday until Friday with the exception for national holidays.

Support Engineers will provide telephonic support once the following
information has been provided and confirmed:

  • Name and Company of which the contact is calling
  • SLA level in place
  • Valid SMA is in place

The Support Engineers will then guide you through the process related to the reason for the telephonic support request.
In all cases, the support request will be transferred to a ticket within the Support portal for tracking and quality purposes.

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Support Portal & Ticketing

If included in your chosen Service Level Tier, NDS will provide access to the PADS4 Support Portal for access to the following:

  • PADS4 Software Downloads
  • PADS4 Release Notes
  • PADS4 Manuals
  • PADS4 Guides and How to articles
  • Knowledge Base articles

Additionally, access to the web based ticketing system will be granted. To submit a request with the NDS support department using the support portal, please follow the below instructions:


    1. Open a web browser
  1. Click Sign in
  2. Please enter in your support portal login details and click sign in
  3. Click on Submit Request
  4. Right a small summary of the request in the Subject box
  5. Enter a detailed description of what the challenge is in the Description box. Please include any and all steps that you have done in effort to resolve the challenge.
  6. Choose the options from the drop-down lists for the following:
    1. Application
    2. Release version
    3. Build number
    4. Operating System
    5. Firmware version (SOC devices) if applicable
    6. Device model if applicable
  7. Please add any additional screenshots, video clips
  8. Select Submit
support ticketing

Curative Maintenance

NDS is responsible for maintaining and delivering the PADS4 Software in good working order. Therefore, NDS is obliged to correct any anomaly occurring with the PADS4 Software within the time limits and under the conditions described below.

However, in the event of a critical and major anomaly resulting in a service level below the normal service level, NDS is required to implement a workaround solution within the timeframe set out below. This palliative solution must allow the anomaly to be circumvented and normal service to be returned to a shorter period of time than those provided for the correction of the anomaly.

NDS can only release itself from its obligations under this appendix if it provides proof that the anomalies detected are not due to poor design and/ or construction of the PADS4 Software or that they are due to an act of the Customer.

The intervention may be done on the initiative of NDS or at the request of the Customer by triggering a ticket through the support portal. The Parties agree that the acknowledgment of receipt of the opening of the ticket is proof of receipt by NDS.

The time and date of the request specified on the opening of the ticket constitutes the moment from which NDS is required to meet its Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time commitments.

Anomalies are classified by severity levels:

Critical anomalies: Critical anomalies are anomalies that individually or cumulatively have repercussions on the compliance, quality of service, availability, or performance of the Software leading to rendering all or part of the functionalities of the Software inoperative. Any anomaly affecting the performance of the Software will be considered a critical anomaly.

Major anomalies: Major anomalies are anomalies that individually or cumulatively, although having repercussions on the compliance, quality of service, availability, or performance of the Software, represent a significant hindrance, established on the basis of quantitative data, in the use of all or part of the functionalities of the Software.

Minor anomalies: Minor anomalies are anomalies in the operation of the Software, other than critical or major, with no impact on its use and which may be the subject of requests for improvement of the Software.

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Preventive Maintenance

NDS monitors the software and installation and provides proactive support and intervention. In addition, it is required that the intervention does not disrupt the proper functioning, availability and performance of the PADS4 Software in normal service in accordance with its documentation.

All Software Upgrades are maintained for at least twenty-four (24) months from the release date of the next Version Upgrade.

In the event of withdrawal of the Software, NDS will notify Customer at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of the current maintenance period.

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