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We would like to formally invite you to ‘Get In CTRL’ with PADS4, as part of our new product branding.

PADS4 has remained a leader in the digital signage software space for decades, but new technology has pushed industry growth and inspired new capabilities. To that extent, as of February 6th, PADS4 features new brand enhancements, including a new website designed for our partner and user convenience, and our new tagline.

Rebrand of PADS4

These brand changes coincide with a larger corporate rebrand, as NDS, formerly Net Display Systems, works to position itself to meet the growing needs of the digital signage industry.
We believe that our new branding will allow us to provide better solutions and services to our partners and users. Our new slogan, «Get in CTRL», represents our dedication to enabling full control of data integration and application, using our all-in-one digital signage software.

Brand new website

As part of our rebrand, we are pleased to introduce our new website, which is dedicated exclusively to PADS4. will serve as a hub for our digital signage solutions, making our online communication with users simpler. We believe that a dedicated website will help our partners to share our product directly with their clients. It also allows users to quickly and easily find the solutions or information they are looking for.

PADS4 will retain its focus on data integration and distribution, allowing you the same control over your data and creativity with your digital signage. However, we believe that with our new focus on simple solutions to help you Get in CTRL, you can now use PADS4 to take your digital signage to the next level.

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