Showcasing Ingram Micro advanced solutions with PADS4


Showcasing different applications of Artificial Intelligence with PADS4

Ingram Micro, the global technology and supply chain services provider, approached NDS Middle East to establish digital signage at Ingram Micro Experience Zone in Dubai. The Ingram Micro Experience Zone (IMEZ) aimed to become a destination for visitors to learn about and experience leading-edge technology solutions.

The vision of Ingram Micro’s Experience Zone serves as a connecting point between technology solutions, and attendees to experience technology in action. Furthermore, they want to provide immersive multi-vendor solutions, showcasing smart cities, healthcare, retail, and other verticals. Ultimately, Ingram Micro’s Experience Zone will tell attendees one story about how technology can achieve business outcomes and transforms in the digital age.

Together with our partner Jumbo Electronics in the United Arab Emirates, PADS4 supported Ingram Micro with smart and data-driven digital signage solutions. Ingram Micro set the bar and created a one-of-a-kind, advanced technological corporate environment that improves employee and visitor experience.

Ingram Micro’s Experience Zone showcases numerous Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT), Physical & Cyber Security use cases. The visitors can interact with the latest developments in AI, that include smart analytics such face recognition, object, emotion, gender detection, people counting and age estimation. Also, visitors can witness Cyber Security live hacking sessions and experience best-in-class solution DEMO’s in a Live Virtual Lab environment.

The collaboration with the PADS4 digital signage platform helped visualize the zone. With their AI, IoT, Cyber, and Physical security solutions, Ingram Micro brings their visitors a live experience of the use cases presented. All those different cases are continuously updated, always cutting edge with developments in technology. With PADS4, creating relevant and up-to-date content is uncomplicated and does not cause any extra work.

One platform for screens from different manufacturers

For Ingram Micro Dubai, a few key features had to be implemented in their new digital signage solution. One of their essential needs was a single integrated platform that could work with multiple vendors and multiple different types of screens. Since they use a mix of screens from different manufacturers, ranging from LG and Netvision to ProDVX, the software had to be compatible with all these brands. PADS4 gave Ingram Micro a versatile platform that can be combined with all screens.

Ingram Micro Experience Zone Dubai
The strength of PADS4 in a corporate environment

Within a corporate environment, such as Ingram Micro, there can be many ways to incorporate digital signage. Not only is digital signage a valuable addition for welcoming visitors and guiding those visitors through the building, but it can also be an asset for your employees. News and updates can easily be shared, and they are always up to date on current KPI’s to name some possibilities.

Whether it is used to increase employee engagement, guiding visitors, or informing your staff about safety regulations, smart digital signage powered by PADS4 enhances the experience you want to provide within your business. Ingram Micro’s Experience Zone shows multiple applications of our software.

Optimized meeting room usage with the PADS4 CMS

Choosing a meeting room that fits specific user needs can be challenging when working in a corporate environment. At Ingram Micro, this challenge is simply faced with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365 integrated into the web-based content management system of PADS4. All the info that is useful for the meeting can be found when booking the room. The capacity is clearly visible, their employees know what equipment available, and even last-minute booking is as easy as can be since they can plan meetings on the spot with the touch screens provided by ProDVX. With the PADS4 meeting room solution, the use of their meeting rooms is optimized, saving time and money.

Powering creativity in Ingram Micro's experience zone

They accomplished to make every visible part attractive to the eye at their experience zone, even the floor you walk on. Six Netvision floor panels create an LED wall right beneath your feet. On these floor panels, they show corporate videos to promote their services, and branded videos are played on a loop to keep visitors entertained and informed while waiting. The LED floor is not the only thing keeping visitors interested and involved. The video wall with four Netvision LED screens serves the same purpose. It creates an exciting and creative ambiance.

A server room is essential to support all those screens and make sure they are continuously operating. Whereas that usually is a plain room with nothing out of the ordinary, Ingram Micro created a visibly attractive room with a transparent LG OLED screen with webOS on the outside. The HTML5 Viewer shows videos about the hardware on the screen that partly covers the server room, making it an interesting sight. To control the screen, PADS4 powers a smaller LG touch screen next to the OLED screen. This touch screen, combined with the PADS4 meeting room solution, is also the driving force behind the interactive Pick & Learn solution set up by Ingram Micro. The content playing on the LG OLED screen changes dynamically, always suitable for the situation at hand.

Supporting the long term vision

With over 40 screens used in many different ways and more than 13 meeting room screens, PADS4 powers both the digital signage and meeting room solution in the Ingram Micro office in Dubai. With the help of Jumbo Electronics Company, the PADS4 platform gives Ingram Micro one solution for multiple interfaces that is easy to manage and offers a fascinating experience.

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Client:Ingram Micro Dubai
Partners:Jumbo Electronics Co. Ltd LLC
Solutions:Internal communication
Industries:Corporate communication