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    PADS4 CTRL Center released

    NDS has proudly announced the release of PADS4 CTRL CENTER, their brand new web-based portal to manage the daily operations of digital signage network powered by PADS4. Next to the existing PADS4 Windows applications that require a physical installation, PADS4 end-users now can manage their digital signage network through web-based access.  The intuitive web-based tool enables users to manage and schedule digital content on every display throughout their entire digital signage network. Next to that the new release gives them an at-a-glance oversight of the status of their digital signage network, offering more control to manage digital signage content. At the moment PADS4 CTRL CENTER includes the following features:


    Instantly detect offline viewers, license expiration, and much more. A clear oversight & environment for daily digital signage operations.

    PADS4 CTRL CENTER: Dashboard


    Schedules allows customers to schedule PADS4 presentations onto Viewers or Viewer groups for a certain period which can be recurrent or ad hoc. The filter option allows you to search for a specific presentation for the selected Viewer. It is also possible to switch to multi viewer and compare schedules of different Viewers.

    PADS4 CTRL CENTER: Schedules


    Content management

    Manage content used in PADS4 in the Content environment. This allows customers to browse, preview content and manage content (add/edit/delete/move).

    PADS4 CTRL CENTER: Content


    Viewer overview

    Under the tab Viewers you can instantly check the status of your Viewers. The green dot besides the Viewer name indicates the Viewer is online, and the red that the Viewer is currently offline.

    PADS4 CTRL CENTER: Viewers


    License overview

    Licenses allows you to check and activate your license both online and offline.

    PADS4 CTRL CENTER: license overview

    In the upcoming months, we will migrate all the functionality required for daily management already available in the current Windows applications (with the exception of the PADS4 Designer).

    Request a demo right now to experience how PADS4 CTRL CENTER can contribute to easily manage your digital signage network through a web-browser.

    Go online, log in and manage your digital signage content and scheduling, easy like that!

    – Henrik Klit Andersen, Klit-Andersen –

    For existing PADS4 end-users

    To run PADS4 CTRL CENTER, existing end-users need to upgrade their current PADS4 Build to version 4.12. Please contact your PADS4 reseller how to upgrade if you don’t have a software maintenance agreement in place.

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