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    PADS4 Crystal CMS for web-based content management

    NDS, developer of PADS4, the data-driven digital signage software has announced the launch of their brand new application PADS4 Crystal CMS.

    Smart Content Management for Digital Signage

    With the release of PADS4 Crystal CMS, PADS4 customers can create, edit, and manage their digital content through a web-based interface. Next to the PADS4 key features to drive data-driven and fully automated digital signage solutions, the CMS application will enrich your automated content on your PADS4 platform. In an era where on-the-go content management is key, NDS now offers their PADS4 customers the freedom and flexibility to make instant content changes and media scheduling without the limitations of having to use a desktop computer.

    Secure and accessible from anywhere

    The software comes with a secure web login for central content management for an entire digital signage network. Plus, with complete profile and access management, and scalable user licensing to support any-size teams, PADS4 Crystal CMS makes it easy to stay in control. With PADS4 organizations can manage who, how, and where network administrators can change data without sacrificing local display access.

    ‘We are delighted to announce the release of PADS4 Crystal CMS’, says Peter den Burger, Marketing Communications Manager of NDS. ‘With PADS4 Crystal CMS we give our end-users the power to stay in control of content across all their digital channels. With a web-based interface, accessible via a secure web portal from any browser, the CMS makes it easier than ever to update and manage display content from anywhere’.

    PADS4 Crystal CMS is now available through the global PADS4 reseller network of NDS. Find out how the PADS4 digital signage platform can help you manage your digital channels. Request a free 30 day trial now.

    For more information go to our PADS4 Crystal CMS application page.

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