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    KPI Dashboards in Smart Factory solution

    Intelligent communication produces a competitive edge

    Share production updates, increase safety, inspire and motivate production, and work to generate a higher ROI by lowering costs and waste. With an increasingly competitive industry and rapidly advancing technology, manufacturing plants and factories can greatly benefit from real-time communication. Visual notifications are extremely useful in areas where noise and Wi-Fi or radio interference make it impractical to communicate using other methods. With PADS4 as your visualization tool you can monitor and optimize your process and upgrade your internal communication to the next level.

    Data Visualization; monitor, optimize and predict

    Plants at any scale can connect their information sources to share key performance indicators, waste and inefficiency numbers, and production data. Data visualization makes it easy for workers to translate numbers into what they are doing. It helps to identify hidden losses, reduce planned and unplanned downtime, increase productivity and maximise efficiency.

    Create data visualizations like charts and graphs, which can be updated in real time. It integrates real-time, allowing you to push automatic updates while motivating employees to move towards their production goal.

    • Share productivity stats
    • Show comparison figures
    • Create uptime vs. downtime visualizations
    • Show inventory
    • Show daily goals

    Training on the job with video and infographics

    Most factories work with a number of people, at multiple sites, in different shifts, and/or with different nationalities. Instructions need to be clear and unambiguously. What better way to inform and educate workers with self-explanatory videos and easy to understand infographics. Always the right information, at the right time at the right place.

    Much like a printer that always has one page stuck, much downtime is related to short stops, with that one relatively easy to fix problem. Connect to the signal of this problem and start an easy instruction video to have the operator fix the problem. This saves time compared to waiting for a whole maintenance crew to arrive.

    Safety & Emergency

    Digital screens work to supplement workplace safety by offering automated reminders of safety instructions and tutorials. Sensors can recognize that safety procedures are not being followed or in case of hazardous conditions such as spills, leaks, or other circumstances which could lead to an accident or injury.

    Push instant emergency alerts to all or a selection of screens around the plant floor and guide workers to the emergency exits and keep employees safe.

    Global Data, local visualization

    Centrally manage data from multiple locations, combine information and send it made-to-measure to any screen in your network. Because PADS4 can connect to your existing data sources, your presentations are always up-to-date, without having to export or import data.

    PADS4 is a complete digital signage software package, with tools to help you design, distribute, manage, and view content on your displays. With state of the art solutions to collect, connect, and distribute your data, it is everything you need to make your digital signage truly smart.

    PADS4 visualization software

    • Visualize manufacturing processes
    • Connect data sources to analyze and use data
    • View waste, failure, and downtime to work to improve and streamline processes
    • Empower staff to optimize processes
    • Motivate personnel and improve productivity
    • Visualize manufacturing processes, at every step, including time left till completion
    • View problems and issues in real time to make faster corrections
    • Alert staff to manufacturing or packaging issues such as weight, missing parts, etc.
    • Visualize data and update in real time
    PADS4 KPI Dasboard example
    PADS4 KPI Dasboard example

    How PADS4 fits into IIoT solution

    IIoT Industrial Internet of Things technology becomes more common in the manufacturing environment nowadays. A company at the fore front of IIOT is SmartFactory.  They use PADS4 as digital signage platform in their Industry 4.0 data visualization concept. See how this smart manufacturing solution can make a difference to your factory in the following explainer video.

    Contact us to learn more about our KPI dasboard solution.

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