Samsung powered by PADS4

Engage your audience with lifelike experiences.

PADS4 digital signage software has officially been certified for Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) powered by Tizen. PADS4 fully supports Samsung’s SSP4, SSP5 and SSP6. SSSP is a System on Chip (SoC) display platform that delivers the same smooth playback as traditional media-player systems. This means PADS4 customers can make the most of the most recent “No-PC” Samsung displays using built-in media players to cut costs and cables, using an all-in-one platform replacing external media players with a dedicated PADS4 native app launcher. This certification also means guaranteed support on specific TIZEN displays, on both current and future PADS4 software releases.

As certified Samsung Software Partner NDS fully supports the cost-effective solutions for the Next Generation SSSP powered by TIZEN, to help you do more with signage.

The benefits of SSSP & PADS4

Certified Software PartnerAs a certified software partner, it’s guaranteed that you will get full PADS4 support for the supported SSSP screens.
InteractivityMake your digital signage a two-way interaction with the interactive PADS4 presentations on Samsung touchscreens.
Lower total cost of ownershipSamsung SSSP screens come with a built in System-on-Chip (SoC), which means that no external players are needed anymore.

Supported SSSP versions by PADS4

PADS4 is one of the few digital signage applications that has been recognized by Samsung as SSSP Certified. As the software runs on the screen as a native app we have access to the full capabilities of the screens.

The following versions of SSSP are supported by PADS4:




For more information about supported screens please contact our sales department.

PADS4 case studies powered by Samsung