ProDVX powered by PADS4

Diverse and innovative products to rely on.

PADS4 digital signage software has officially been certified for the ProDVX Android SoC Displays. The collaboration of PADS4 and ProDVX offers dynamic solutions for meeting room signage and many other signage applications. ProDVX has a large variety of screen sizes, based on the specific requirements of every solution. All screens are designed for continuous commercial use.

With full support for ProDVX’s APPC-DSK/DSQ series, APPC-10SLB and ABPC-543, you’ll get the maximum out of ProDVX screens and PADS4.

The benefits of using ProDVX.

Full LED barShow occupancy of rooms by automatically changing the LED bar color based on predefined rules.
Wide variety of display sizesA comprehensive display range from 7 inch to 37 inch, with a different screen for every extra inch. This includes the UltraWide displays.
Solution based rangeA dedicated screen based on requirements for every solution, making the most out of the solution.

Supported by PADS4

With digital signage technology complete with media players, integrated displays, and software solutions for display, management, network control, and remote updates, PADS4 and ProDVX offer a truly full-service solution.

The following series of ProDVX are supported by PADS4:







For more information about supported screens please contact our sales department.

PADS4 case studies powered by ProDVX