Philips powered by PADS4

Offers a solution that fits your needs.

The professional display solutions of Philips powered by PADS4 digital signage software make it possible to reach a new standard in digital communication. Each of the supported lines of Philips displays has their own features which powered by PADS4 meet specific needs in different markets. The Q-Line doesn’t require additional hardware, only PADS4 software, and can be configured for almost any function. The D-Line is the perfect choice for content that needs to make a powerful impact and the P-Line is built tough with heavy-duty components, designed for 24/7 operation, and features high-brightness outputs. The T-Line features multi-touch interactivity, which allows collaborative interaction.

The benefits of Philips & PADS4

Powered by AndroidRun the content directly on the screen and optimize performance using the PADS4 Android player.
Minimal cost of ownershipThe powerful built in System-on-Chip (SoC) provides the all-in-one hardware solution for your signage solutions.
Remote ManagementUse remote management capabilities to eliminate the need to physically go to the screen.

Supported Philips versions by PADS4

Multiple Philips hardware lines have been certified by PADS4 digital signage software. The Philips professional displays are optimized with native Android-apps, which makes it possible to install PADS4 direct on the screen.

The following series of Philips are supported by PADS4:





For more information about Philips and PADS4 and the supported displays, please visit the our partner pages for Smart Digital Building or Airports. You can also contact our sales department.