Crestron powered by PADS4

Improving efficiency and productivity in a digital workplace.

Crestron is a hardware manufacturer, focusing on providing smart, fast and efficient room booking solutions. Their products are designed to optimize your workspace technologies and offer cutting-egde features to provide a complete room booking solution. Crestron aims to provide powerful tools to make the process of booking a room a seamless experience.

The benefits of using Crestron.

Occupancy sensorConnect with occupancy sensors and integrate them into one unified workspace platform to manage your bookable spaces
Status lightsThe built-in status lights give you an easy overview of availability.
One-tap reservationThe fully interactive screens make it possible to book a room in a matter of seconds.
PADS4 WorkspaceFull integration of PADS4 Workspace, including our web and smartphone application, synchronization with Outlook/Gmail, 3D Workspace mapping and more.

Supported by PADS4

Crestron is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge enterprise-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. These devices operate reliably 24×7 under one managed global infrastructure.

The following series of Crestron hardware are supported by PADS4:


For more information about supported screens and players please contact our sales department.