AOPEN powered by PADS4

Create personalized solutions with AOPEN and PADS4.

Charming, informing and entertaining crowds with the digital signage solutions powered by PADS4 is what AOPEN is aiming to achieve. With the possibility to combine Windows and Android players and eTILEs (all-in-one touch displays) with PADS4 digital signage software, there is a perfect solution for every market. The different chip sets, I/O ports and display & playback resolution gives you the opportunity to create the most eye-catching signage solutions.

Whether the hardware should be robust, able to withstand high temperatures or be placed in a small environment, AOPEN offers a range of mediaplayers perfect for every scenario.

The benefits of AOPEN & PADS4

Small Form FactorThe small form factor ensures an easy integration within any display in any environment, which is still very powerful in combination with PADS4!
Low TCO24/7 operable, CPU’s with low thermal design power and remote hardware and software control to reduce consequential costs.
VersatileThe combination of Windows & Android players with PADS4 creates the perfect solution to optimize functionality for every display.

Supported AOPEN hardware versions by PADS4

The value-adding combination of AOPEN hardware and PADS4 digital signage software makes it possible to provide the perfect complete digital signage solutions for you.

The following series of AOPEN hardware are supported by PADS4:

Intel Signage Players

eTILE-FB Series

AMD Signage Players

eTILE-FW Series

Video Wall Series

eTILE-X Series

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.