PADS4 is now a User Experience Platform


PADS4 is now a User Experience Platform for smart digital building solutions

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – 3 February 2020

After joining forces, NDS and LCS are turning a corner to focus on a new strategy: optimizing the user experience in a smart digital building. As announced in October 2020, they are aiming to make their mark in this vertical. The past few months have resulted in the announcement of PADS4 modules for workspace, digital signage, wayfinding, and IoT.

“By combining the strengths of NDS and LCS, PADS4 offers the most complete answer in the field of workspace, digital signage, wayfinding and IoT. Furthermore, the expertise and international experience of NDS will enable us to act as a global player in this market.” says Philippe Bonnargent, the new CEO of NDS. ”Our new platform will also enable our resellers to offer a broader scale of solutions to their customers”, he continues.

This new strategy brings up the question how would one define a smart digital building? The Building Efficiency Initiative explains it as a place that uses ‘information technology during operation to connect a variety of subsystems, which typically operate independently so that these systems can share information to optimize total building performance’.

NDS has announced four modules in their upcoming software release, which will be available this February. With the four modules, PADS4 not only connects to and displays data, but also collects that data and transforms it to improve the efficiency and well-being of users in a smart digital building.

PADS4 Digital Signage

The PADS4 Digital Signage module gives users all the functionalities they are used to having from PADS4 as a digital signage platform. The module connects to existing data sources to transform them into smart and versatile signage. All users remain up to date on the latest changes with attractive content for company related updates, daily menus in the canteen, and much more.

PADS4 Workspace

The use of workspaces are quickly changing, and office buildings need to react to those changes. From remote working, to room booking and desk management. The PADS4 Workspace module benefits the office space with easy-to-use tools. Employees simply book a space that fits their needs via Outlook, the mobile app, or a kiosk, and desk usage is optimized with hot desking and desk hoteling areas.

PADS4 Wayfinding

Employees are often not the only users in an office building. Visitors come in for meetings and need to be guided to their destination. The PADS4 Wayfinding module creates always relevant wayfinding for all users. From a kiosk at the reception area with interactive maps, to wayfinding throughout your building, automatic updates ensure no one gets lost.


Sensors and cameras help facility managers make their office building smarter and safer. The PADS4 IoT module enables users to create data-driven space management. Sensors on desks and in meeting rooms detect when a space is taken, red and green LED lights give a clear overview of availability, and ghost bookings are a problem of the past when meeting rooms are automatically cleared if the space is not being used. With the IoT module, safety rules and regulations can easily be adhered to. It adds to an optimized user experience and provides useful reports to make more improvements.

PADS4 optimizes the work environment

PADS4 offers real-estate and facility managers all the tools they need to manage the user experience in their facilities. With our software, they maintain full workplace control with one single unified platform, and develop a data-driven user experience. Their workplace motivates collaboration and innovation, increasing the efficiency of employees and visitors.

The PADS4 modules for room booking, desk management, digital signage, wayfinding, and IoT offer a future proof solution that’s scalable in size and need. With automated communication based on predefined situations, PADS4 is an investment in an optimized experience for all building users.

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